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Cheryl Medeleine Lodico

Scott M. Tyson

Visionary physicist, engineer, scientist, researcher, author and inventor Scott M. Tyson has been mesmerized with cosmology and the mysteries of our universe since he was a teenager.

In his compelling first book, The Unobservable Universe, Tyson shakes the foundation of Western philosophical thought and scientific doctrine by examining the paradoxes that have influenced our puzzling perceptions of the universe. Tyson presents a simple, cohesive framework that explains all of the inner workings of the universe, and he offers a new paradigm to illuminate the underlying Theory of Everything. He helps humanity understand it all in a comprehensive and consistent approach that will forever change our view of the universe.

Tyson graduated from Johns Hopkins University with an engineering degree and currently holds 15 US patents in space technology.

Tyson lives with his wife in Albuquerque, N.M., where he continues to explore the inner workings of the universe with the same unequivocal passion and fascination of his youth while demystifying it for the rest of us.

To learn more about Scott M. Tyson and The Unobservable Universe, go to:

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