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Irene Chain-Kalinowski

Irene Chain-Kalinowski

Few women will choose not to opt for vaginal birth, few women will choose not to breast feed their babies. There should be no guilt around childbirth, but a responsibility to maintain health and to work hard to accomplish a healthy outcome for you and your baby. - Irene Chain-Kalinowski.

Her several years of experience in medical services have made Irene Chain-Kalinowski so dedicated on her field that she is able to write a book educating women on the different perceptions and spin-off effects of medical interventions in childbirth. She spent 32 years practicing midwifery, of which 8 years of those were spent in the Middle East, 15 years in Auckland, while she spent 7 years in the UK.

Irene Chain-Kalinowski was born on the 21st of July 1956 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. Out of Rotherham School of Nursing, she became a Registered Nurse in 1977 and a Registered Midwife in 1979. She also got her Diploma from Auckland College of Classical Homeopathy in 2001, and her Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (Health Professional Education) from AUT University Auckland in 2003.

Through her extensive medical experience, the author supposes that she has been given a gift by witnessing thousands of births where women have celebrated their childbirth experience with her. She wants to return that gift to millions of women globally so that when she is long gone, childbirth will be celebrated by the generations that follow and that midwives will have global recognition for the wonderful work that they do. Through her book, My Body My Baby, Irene Chain-Kalinowski believes that her vision is within reach as the book gives women a clear understanding of the process of childbirth and its realities.

"Fear comes from what we don't know. Once women understand everything, there will be less fear," says the author.





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