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Dr. Sandra M. Levy

Dr. Sandra M. Levy

As a priest, clinical psychologist, and a writer, all that she does reflects her passion for the study of human behavior and religion. Aside from her published books, Behavior and Cancer, and Imagination and the Journey of Faith, she has written over 60 research articles for scientific and theological journals.

For more information about Dr. Sandra M. Levy and Imagination and the Journey of Faith, log on to

"In this inspiring book, Dr. Levy has something to offer to those who are “starting from zer" outside of any religious tradition from birth, as well as to those within a particular faith community who wish to deepen their spiritual lives. In today's troubled, harried, and consumer-driven culture, this readable text offers hope to those who hunger for glimmers of Transcendence in their everyday world.

Sandra Levy creates a masterful work dealing with imagination, from earliest childhood's foundations to adult use of imagination on one's faith journey... This rather slim volume is well worth not only reading, but may be used as a measure of our own acceptance and valuing of our imagination as we develop a transcendent and fuller faith life.”

Shirleymae Pajkos, Spirit & Life, July-August, 2009

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