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Making Money From Nothing Making Money From Nothing
By Mr.Travis Mays

ISBN : ISBN-13: 978-1481180511 (Trade Paperback)
Price : $9.99 (Paperback)
Pages: 26
Genre: Non-Fiction

This book is not another get rich scheme, pyramid scheme,
or scam. Inside this book is the key to making an honest
income working for yourself. No more need to waste your
time, money, and effort only to make someone else rich.
Eldorado Eldorado
By Jay Allan Storey

Genre: Science Fiction

In an energy-starved future, Richard Hampton\\\'s world is
blown apart when his younger brother Danny disappears and
the police are too busy trying to keep a lid on a hungry,
overcrowded city to search for him. Richard has to make the
transformation from bookish nerd to street-smart warrior to
survive when he jumps the Food Train for the disintegrating
suburbs in a desperate search for Danny and his dog,
Zonk. Branded a criminal by a community of outcasts and
condemned to death, Richard is rescued by streetwise Carrie,
who joins in his search. As they trek across the remnants of
suburbia, facing criminal gangs, renegade militias, and the
hardships of the road, their friendship evolves into
something more. The trail finally unwinds at a deserted
complex in the remotest corner of the suburbs. The
incredible secret they uncover there will alter their lives
and their world forever.
Incomplete Passes: Reflections on Life, Love, and Football Incomplete Passes: Reflections on Life, Love, and Football
By Linda Lange

Genre: Biography

Linda Lange turned twelve in 1959, the year that Vince
Lombardi arrived in Wisconsin and changed everything.
Linda's passion for Lombardi's Green Bay Packers transformed
the way she viewed her hometown, the world, and most
important, herself. In "Incomplete Passes," Linda
reflects on her coming-of-age journey as she grows into
womanhood, experiences an unusual mid-life crisis, and
embraces a friendship that spans fifty years.
Gideon's Loop Gideon's Loop
By Terry Persinger

ISBN : 978-1-4752-1249-5 (Trade Paperback)
Price : $11.88 (Paperback)
Pages: 304
Genre: Fiction

Hitler made a grave mistake by letting a scientist by the
name of H.P.Gideon to steal and smuggle secret technology of
his master race to America. H.P. formed a group he called
the Patriots to fight the evil Elite who used Hitler as a
pawn for their own gains in world domination. Read more in
the sci-fi adventure, Gideon's Loop. The book is available
on as an e-book or paperback at
createspace3850980 and you can google more about the book.
Tell all your friends to check it out! Connect with me on
Tempus Tempus
By Holly Lauren

ISBN : 978-1-4935-1330-7 (Trade Paperback)
Price : $13.59 (Paperback)
Pages: 324
Genre: Fantasy

Chapel Ryan isn\\\'t crazy. At least, that\\\'s what
she\\\'s been trying to convince herself of for most of her
life. But after being hallucination-free for three years,
Chapel finds herself facedown on her English classroom’s
gritty linoleum floor. When she looks up, everyone around
her is suspended in animation. Mouths hang open mid-yawn,
feet hover mid-cross, Ms. Freeman’s arm flexes
mid-sentence diagram. It\\\'s another hallucination. Or, is
it? Chapel prepares to tear herself back to reality when
something happens. Something that has never happened before
in any of her hallucinations--someone moves. And not just
any someone—it’s the new guy with a scar over his lip
and a reputation as black as his perfectly styled hair. And
all of the sudden Chapel\\\'s white-knuckle grip on her life
has slipped, and with it, her assurance that what she\\\'s
experiencing isn\\\'t real.
Shifting Paradigms: A Collection of Poetic Musings Shifting Paradigms: A Collection of Poetic Musings
By Shanen Dibbern

ISBN : 978-1-4801-7636-2 (Trade Paperback)
Price : $8.89 (Paperback)
Genre: Poetry

About the Book: Shifting Paradigms is a collection of poetic
musings which is divided into three segments (Emotion,
Cognition, and Spirituality) authored by ShanenDibbern, who
has been writing poetry for over twenty years.
They Win. You Lose. They Win. You Lose.
By Stan Arnold

Price : $4.99 (E-book)
Pages: 219
Genre: Humor

They Win. You Lose. is a very funny thriller. Mick and Jim
are two incompetent, Soho-based, corporate video producers
who drink too much, don't earn enough and get too many death
threats. So when the Mafia come calling, demanding back rent
of 6,000, they have ten minutes to do a runner. All they
have is an old Morris Traveller (a Woodie, if you're in the
US) and a tank full of petrol.
TERTIVS DECIMVS-The Thirteenth Apostle TERTIVS DECIMVS-The Thirteenth Apostle
By Valentina Lippi Bruni

Price : $TBA (E-book)
Pages: 204
Genre: Religion

An Italian Special Forces Officer is sent back into time by
the Vatican on a mission to save the life of a young prophet
named Jesus Christ.
Thought Soup Thought Soup
By Lyle Olsen

ISBN: B00GW5ER3I (E-book)
Price : $4.99 (E-book)
Genre: Children

Thought Soup is A Story for All Youngsters and The Adults
Who Love Them. Written by Lyle Olsen to inspire a “happy
heart” in all who read it, Thought Soup is a light-hearted
and child-friendly introduction to thinking positively and
then consciously acting on those thoughts. Thought Soup was
written in the tradition of the tales early cultures used to
teach their children. It gently introduces youngsters to the
concept of monitoring their own thoughts and changing those
that aren’t working for them.
How to start an HR Consultancy Company? How to start an HR Consultancy Company?
By Sangita Singh

ISBN: 978-1-6284-0581-1 (Hardback)
Price : $11.49 (Paperback)
Pages: 200
Genre: Business & Economics

A step by step guide for entrepreneurs looking to start
their own HR Recruitment and Consulting Firm. This book
covers the process of registering and starting the firm in
India. The book covers: - tips to get new clients for the
consultancy. - how to keep the clients? - challenges
associated with the business - mistakes that need to
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