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Book ads can be viewed at’s Book Gallery, where authors can add book postings to get exposure for their work.

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The Nefarious Mr. X The Nefarious Mr. X
By David C. Filax

Genre: Fiction

A once famous actor, brain damaged by a horrible accident,
using his once famous skills of deception, mimicry and
illusion to enter into innocent lives, commit crimes in
their names and vanish. Until one detective finds one frame
too perfect and in his investigation, draws this elusive
nemesis from the shadows, who can become anyone he wants to,
making the detective suspect everyone around him. In one
final play, the detective baits the enemy out, in hopes of
ending his reign of destruction and prove to the world,
there really is a Mr. X.
Journey through the Raging Storm Journey through the Raging Storm
By Lawrence Anthony Jaggard

ISBN : 978-1-4904-5379-8 (Trade Paperback)
Price : $12.99 (Paperback)
Pages: 365
Genre: Fiction

Journey through the Raging Storm 2nd Edition. There are 8
film screenplays in this one 360 plus page book. Stories of
dramas, action & thrillers.
Jack Canon's American Destiny Jack Canon's American Destiny
By Greg Sandora

ISBN: B00BOE5KW4 (E-book)
Price : $13.50 (Paperback)
Pages: 365
Genre: Fiction

Take the Journey with this gripping, loving thriller. Join
Jack Canon and his insanely loyal team of friends and family
as they make their all-or-nothing run for the presidency.
You'll laugh out loud and have your heart ripped in two!
Baby Food Baby Food
By Angela Jacobsen

ISBN : 1-4669-2801-8 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-4669-2801-5 (Hardback)
Price : $21.50 (Paperback)
Price : $29.50 (Hard Cover)
Pages: 158
Genre: Children

Angela shares her knowledge to help you become a better
feeder for your healthy little eater. From the breast to the
cup, Angela describes various methods of helping your child
make the appropriate transitions from infancy through
toddlerhood. She has also provided a detailed, comprehensive
day-by-day guide to weaning, ensuring your ability to
promote the easiest, healthiest transition to solid foods
for your baby.
Baby Love Baby Love
By Angela Jacobsen

ISBN : 1-4669-9820-2 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-4669-9820-9 (Hardback)
Price : $21.50 (Paperback)
Price : $29.30 (Hard Cover)
Pages: 228
Genre: Children

Baby Love is organized by topic, in alphabetical order, it's
full of tips about everything from toilet training to the
items you'll want to take along when you and your baby are
on the go. You'll learn about the importance of establishing
a routine & how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables
into your baby's diet.
Watch Your Language! Ways of Talking and Interacting with Students that Crack the Behavior Code Watch Your Language! Ways of Talking and Interacting with Students that Crack the Behavior Code
By Carmen Y. Reyes

ISBN : 1-4903-3956-6 (Trade Paperback)
Price : $38.00 (Paperback)
Pages: 364
Genre: Education

Enhanced disciplinary language to turn-around strained
teacher-student interactions from antagonistic to
collaborative problem-solving
New York Stories New York Stories
By Renald Iacovelli

ISBN : 978-0-9852-1810-2 (Trade Paperback)
Price : $44.98 (Paperback)
Pages: 740
Genre: Fiction

A sometimes funny, sometimes depressing, sometimes harshly
accurate depiction of life in America's largest city.
Hiding in Water: A Memoir Based Mostly in Reality Hiding in Water: A Memoir Based Mostly in Reality
By Katherine Lippa

Genre: Non-Fiction

In the years before she was born, author Katherine Lippa’s
father co-founded a group in which the participants believed
they could levitate and move buildings with their minds. His
parenting style was based on the premise that all people
have a psychic nature and that with special training, a
child can harness and build on those abilities. Young Miss
Lippa was a willing participant in the experiment until the
day she came to believe that her “powers” caused an
unforgivable tragedy. Told with a surprising amount of humor
and insight, Hiding in Water uses its unique platform to
share a universal story of reconciling belief with reality:
belief in ourselves, in others, in our chosen religions, and
even in those who lead our countries.
Land of the Chrystal Stars: Rise of the Guardians' Land of the Chrystal Stars: Rise of the Guardians'
By Autum Mahria Stegg

Genre: Fantasy

Fantasy/fiction, adventure, romance, emotions, and
friendships to last a lifetime.
Catalysts To Change Catalysts To Change
By Mario Cavolo

Genre: Self-Help

What do a mother dying in a hospital, Renaissance Europe and
the Birth of Jazz in America have in common? In his answer
and further exploration to this intriguing question, Mario
Cavolo delivers a highly readable expose on business
success, life's challenges and his articulate on-the-ground
view of cultural influences found in a fast-changing China.

Page 5/147
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