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BookWhirl releases the new Library Advantage Service

Green Bay (WI) Book marketing has always been a difficult undertaking for independent authors. Which is why BookWhirl has created the Library Advantage Service. With this service, authors can market their books through the library system.

With The Library Advantage service, authors are given the chance to market their books to an average of 3000 Collection Development Department and Acquisition Librarians nationwide for six months. The service also offers a book feature in Ingram Spotlight Ad for Adult Librarian News & Reviews and a full page print ad in Kirkus Magazine. The author will also have a 2 page Book Showcase in eMagazine Advertising and a Bookstore Returnability program for 12 months.

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About is a self-publishing and online book marketing services provider that provides cost-efficient and practical solutions for the publishing and marketing needs of authors. It presents a myriad of publishing packages as well as a vast selection of book marketing services that allow for both expansive and target-specific campaigns. It employs an experienced team of book publishing consultants, online marketing strategists, copyeditors, copywriters, graphic artists, sound engineers, video-editors, and web designers whose combined expertise guarantee to provide tools for an efficient publishing and online marketing campaign.

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Bookwhirl releases new Linear Advertising service

Reach out to potential readers in the most efficient and effective way possible Green Bay (WI) The book advertising landscape has changed in the past few years. With the many technological advances that have taken place, book advertising has become quite a competitive playing field. Which is why BookWhirl has set out to create the Linear Advertising service.

The service was created to help authors advertise their books effectively. With the service authors can now expand their marketing reach and convey messages with digital advertising through TV commercial, Internet Pre-roll video and banner retargeting ads. Authors will also be able to advertise their books to various blog site through a well strategized blog tour. Through this service authors will also be able to acquire an average of 400,000 impressions within a 1 month campaign.

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