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Boost Your Book Sales with Press Releases

As a self-published author, you can generate considerable sales returns for your book by resorting to issuing well-written press release campaigns. If your book, regardless of genre, has a newsworthy quality worth posting in various online media organizations, newswire and press-release services websites, then a press release campaign is the right and cost-efficient option to promote your book. When you finish writing a book, the marketing aspect is similar to a new product offer or launching a new service, with the specific target market still to be informed and identified. Needless to say, publicity plays a crucial role in book marketing, considering that it is the deliberate attempt to manage the public's perception of your book's subject.

A press release campaign can create a new marketing source for the
book campaign. As a new author, you always think of connecting to your ideal
demographic market, and a press release campaign can help you in opening and connecting
with new book readers and fans online. Believe this: Potential readers and buyers of your
book can be found easily over the Internet, with just the right, catchy titling and
interesting wording of your press release draft copy.

A press release campaign can create an additional marketing source for the book
campaign. Sounds redundant? Think again. As a self published author, you are
always thinking of adding or increasing your book marketing access channels, if you have
already earlier resorted to other book marketing methods, regardless of the sales results.
This basically means a promising marketing diversification for your book publicity
efforts, broadening your base options to reach a wider market scope accordingly. A press
release campaign is just a helpful alternative to this precise need.

A press release campaign is easy and convenient. By all means, it's
easily done: you can send your press release copy thru telefax, email, or even snail mail.
And you can be selective enough to discover which online newswire groups or PR websites
will post your press release for a discounted fee or entirely for free. If you're a good
online researcher to actually find such free online media sites, then you're a shrewd book
marketer indeed! Now, compare what you have just achieved with other book marketing
options. See how beneficial it is?

A press release campaign draws public interest and discussion of your
book. Having it posted online would mean that the author is willing to invite
public discussion on his book, since it helps the reader formulate or arrive at a more
analytical opinion of a news topic of general public interest, and even cynical or
negative readers will be impressed by your book, thereby bolstering your credibility.
Getting the online reading public to be interested and generate a lively discussion of
your book's contents could spur further discussions, thus enhancing your book's
reputation, which could prove to the start of the so-called "word-of-mouth"
phenomenon for increased book sales!

A press release campaign can enhance your reputation as an author. If you
are writing an analysis book or have a unique fiction writing-style, a timely-issued press
release can enhance your reputation as an author on how well you discuss your perspectives
or present the plot lines to your story.

A press release campaign increases the chances of a well-deserved book
review. Posting an article about your book online or sending it to reputable
media targets via fax increases the chances of a critical review on the substantial merits
of your book, and a critical praise will bring you national - even international -

A press release campaign is long-lasting. Some online PR websites and
newswire companies do have archived files or archival options for your book's PR title and
text to be stored on online databases for future research purposes or relevant book
subject queries. This is like posting your PR copy to a local newspaper, and it runs
continuously for months without fail, but at a lesser or no cost at all.

A press release campaign can be posted on a demographic-specific or
geographic-specific site. You can choose which PR websites and media targets to
send your media releases, including those found in your home state, or even those which
specialize on a specific genre or geographic distribution (if your book is of geographic
interest), aside from local or international news lines of your preference.

However, please do observe the following cautions on the limitations of a media release
campaign: Please take note that your media release submissions are still subject for
approval according to the respective publication and posting standards set and implemented
by each PR newswire services. Also, some of these online PR newswires will still request
for a complimentary copy of your book before posting your media release; please consider
if you are willing to accommodate such free handouts, your limits Please consider also the
media rights, publication schedule, and personal info requirements of some PR websites
before you decide on sending your media release copy.

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