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Do’s and Don’ts: What to Remember
When Hosting Your First Book Signing Event

When you self-publish your book, you may be extremely nervous with regard to your book selling potential. When implementing your book marketing plan, things can either go wrong or right, depending on the approach you take and the strategies you apply. When marketing your book then, you must find a strategic and sure-fire way to tell your potential readers about your work. Before you can do that however, you must first meet them through a book signing event. The following pointers can help you organize such an event easily.

•	Make the necessary preparations. One of the first measures you will need to
undertake before anything else is to decide on a venue. Most authors nowadays choose local
bookstores, and you have two options: to follow their lead or to go down a different road.
For instance, if you are releasing a book about diet and proper nutrition, you can hold
your book signing at your local health center.  When selecting a venue, you must think of
the topic or genre of your book, and choose from several possible places that may be
hang-outs of your potential readers. After you have chosen a specific place, prepare your
professional portfolio and some copies of your book. 

•	Once you have the basics in place, you should get in touch with the people in
charge at your chosen venue so you can discuss with them your ideas. Negotiate with them
so they will agree to be the host of your event. Once they do, it is then that you should
spread the word about your appearance to people who will probably be interested in it. The
people at the business establishment of your choice may also want to bring in and attract
their own customers, so it would also be good if you work with them in the design of your
promotional flyers for the event. 

Aside from producing and posting flyers as a form of promotion, you can also try other
means of publicity like putting an ad in your local newspaper or going on a radio show for
an interview. You can also get in touch with the people you know by sending postcards and
invitations to the event.

During the event itself, there are several crucial dos and don’ts you must remember
for a successful event that will make a mark in people’s minds:

DO create your own announcement for the bookstore’s intercom. Make sure you create
several versions as the people at the venue will probably be announcing your event several
times. However, make sure you keep the announcement to a maximum of a couple of minutes. 

DON’T just sit there waiting for people to approach you. Make use of the space of the
entire venue by moving around and interacting with people. Greet those who come into the
store and introduce yourself to them; this way, you can catch the attention of more

DO give out souvenirs for the event, such as business cards and bookmarks, or something
else tangible that will make people remember you. List a few important contact details on
these materials, like a telephone number, a website, or an email address, where people can
reach you and know more essential information about you and your book.

As part of your author marketing services campaign, a book signing is one event that you
can exploit to your full advantage, provided that you organize it properly and make an
effort to really interact with the people who come to your event.

Start a promising writing career through the help of BookWhirl, a leading self-publishing and book
marketing firm.

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