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Get Increased Book Sales with a Combined
Marketing Package

Marketing your book as an upstart or self-published author can generate sufficient sales returns if you know how to strategically plan and diversify your campaign to reach a greater number of demographic readers. To begin with, a book publicity campaign can become effective if it satisfies the following factors: (1) the marketing campaign has a clearly defined business plan as well as a feasible promotion strategy; (2) the marketing campaign has prepared an extensive "what-if's" marketing decision making process tree to be always prepared and flexible for any contingencies; and (3) the marketing campaign must be practiced and reinforced and reviewed consistently for its effectiveness and success rate.

You can maximize on your campaign more efficiently by employing various marketing tools to
improve your chances of connecting with a wider demographic base. These combinable
marketing options include owning a customized author's website; submitting a summary
article of your book to free PR sites online; posting a hyperlinked ad of your book in
websites with high visitor rates; and hiring the services of an email provider that lets
you rent an email list to send  articles and advertisements of your works.

For example, having an official website is a good start for your marketing campaign,
because a customized site serves as your very own online bookstore, an important
foundation base or support system from which other marketing tools and methods can be
interrelated and dynamically linked. These Internet resources include online directory
listings and online bookstores which have hyperlinks that reconnect or lead back to your
official website, and vice versa.

Another usual recourse for authors after writing a new book is to send mails or emails to
friends and acquaintances, aside from sending free press release articles to a print media
company or an online organization for multiple reader browsing and even a possible
critical journalist review, precisely resorted to because of its inexpensive feature as
well as its capability to generate the so-called "word-of-mouth" or "viral
vibes" of the new book's interesting contents.

All in all, you can market effectively by combining these marketing options to connect
with more readers with more beneficial results. This is called an optimized marketing
strategy: simultaneously utilizing several cost-efficient marketing tools and programs
available to reach an expanded demographic market, and ultimately leading to increased
customer acquisition.

Just consider, from the marketing examples previously discussed, if, say, you combine any
three of these--or more! What could that possibly spell for your book publicity efforts?

Your book has a potential to earn big profits especially if you market it well. Your book
is unique, and its particular demographic are found everywhere and can be reached by
various means - by email, by snail mail, by sending fax messages, by calling through the
telephone, by preparing press kits, by posting online ad placements, and by conducting
book signings, to mention just a few marketing methods. These methods can be as diverse as
they can get; however, if you tend to take this matter for granted or just gloss it over
as something unimportant or insignificant to your book promotion efforts, then you are
severely limiting your given potential to earn greater profits from your newly released

Thus, getting the means and tools necessary to reach this target demographic need not be
that expensive, complicated, and time consuming. For one, you can start simply by looking
for book marketing services providers. A book marketing services provider specializes in
planning for affordable and effective book marketing campaigns, and can conveniently help
you with your marketing needs.

There are plenty of bargain offers from book publishing companies and over the Internet
that will suit your marketing needs, and are reasonably-priced enough considering your
limited resources. You can set your own selection criteria; just go and proceed with your
own careful canvassing to see how well the various offers satisfy your specific marketing
requirements and expectations.

Even if you are running on a tight budget or have limited means for the book marketing
campaign, you can still get value returns for your precious investment by selecting wisely
and keeping an open mind about the optimal prospects of your book marketing campaign.

Considering these, here are a few tried-and-tested techniques in optimizing your marketing
campaign: Think "out of the box", meaning you should be proactive, maverick and
shrewd on your book publicity efforts, and never "resting on your laurels" for
just a few marketing options relied upon initially. Moreover, find book marketing services
providers that offer "package deals" or bundled programs, especially those with
the greatest amount of features at a cost-efficient price.

In sum, you can reach more prospective readers and hopefully more book sales, if you
carefully consider the highlighted features among the different offers, and finally choose
which package combination is just right for you, according to your service preferences.

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