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How to Make Time for Your Book Marketing

One third of the planet depends on technology for implementing projects in convenience. When you talk about book marketing, the hottest spot would be the Internet—where billions of people share information across the world. Online book marketing tools are widely used, such as author websites, email advertisements, online directory listings, newswire providers, podcasts, banners, publicity bundles, etc. However, with the presence of powerful book marketing tools, authors seem to forget one of the primary characteristics of self-publishing that is—to self market their books.

Do you realize how much you can accomplish if you’ll only learn how to properly
manage your time? In this article, shares its insights and suggestions about
making time to promote your book.

You might be wondering how much time you should dedicate to implement your book marketing
campaigns. There can be no accurate answers. Spending time in promoting your books depends
on your goals, priorities, and your book marketing plan. 

The primary key for a successful book promotion is to anchor tasks on your book marketing
strategy plan; this already includes your goals, objectives, marketing tactics, magnitude,
duration, and all the other specifics. Your book marketing strategy plan serves as your
guideline, so make sure to draft a schedule in implementing your campaign.

The following are tips on how to make the most of your time in doing book marketing

Set your priorities. When you choose to prioritize your book promotion tasks, it
means that you must learn to identify which tasks have the highest potential return on
investment. You can divide your tasks in a quarterly basis so you don’t have to think
about doing all things all at once. It’s best to have daily, weekly and monthly
promotional targets.

Specify the schedule. Decide on the number of hours to spend in your book marketing
campaign. It’s better to do it in a daily basis so you won’t be burdened with so
much work. Plot your calendar and set a daily hour routine. Make sure to maximize your
free time. 

Make little chunks. In doing large projects, it will be more difficult if you do it
all at once, especially if you are employed. Break large tasks into smaller chunks, in
this way, you won’t have a hard time to schedule and wrap them up.

Sort out and group. Jot down all your tasks, sort them out and place them into
categories. You can save a lot of time when you establish and maintain your writing

Get organized. Pile your papers and sort them out according to categories in
different folders or storage containers. Maintain a database where you can store
information on all your websites, blogs, forums, and your usernames and passwords. Keep a
tracking report on your tasks, ideas, and marketing tactics. 

Take time for refreshments. Don’t hinder yourself from taking a break once in
a while. Just remember not to over do it. 

Marketing tools cannot and will never be a substitute for the time you should be devoting
in promoting your books. Although, yes, they are essential, but they don’t work as
substitutes. It should not work that way. Book marketing tools and the time for book
promotions are complementary. That’s what self-publishing is all about—being
able to step up in the market through your own efforts. 

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