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Making Your First TV Guesting Successful

One ordinary morning, you turn on your TV and a popular talk show is on. As you watch the hosts converse with the guests for that day, you begin to think how a TV guesting can be an appropriate self-published book advertisement platform. And it is, if you were to consider how many authors have launched successful book marketing promotions through appearances on television.

After you self-publish your book and begin to think of suitable book advertising
strategies and approaches, consider booking a guesting on a TV show as one of your
options. It can do wonders for your image, as you can get word out about your work and
enhance your credibility in the eyes of potential readers as well. 
However, keep in mind that you can’t just show up to the television studio without
any preparation at all and expect things to work out well. Here are some good tips you can
follow so you make your first TV appearance a success.

Attend to your appearance. While you would want to look neat and
well-groomed, there’s no reason for you to overdo your makeup either. While this may
seem like shallow advice, remember that it will be hard for viewers to pay attention to
what you’re saying if they are being distracted by your overly made-up face.

Check if you have everything you need. Because TV is a visual medium, you
will most likely require some materials that will help you express your thoughts and
opinions accurately. For instance, if you will be discussing some important points in your
book, it would be best if you bring along a copy so you can read out loud some relevant

During the interview, make sure you express your ideas in a conversational
manner. You have the right to feel nervous about your first ever TV appearance;
however, you should not let yourself get carried away by it, or you’ll only end up
mumbling your words. And this could irritate the viewers. Relieve your anxiety by trying
to get comfortable with the set and your environment.

Do not argue with the host or any member of the studio audience. Remember
that you are there to win over the audience or the viewers. Any combative attitude you
give off will not make a good impression on the host, the studio audience, and the people
who are watching at home.

Don’t immediately rush off after your interview draws to a close. Instead,
wait for the floor manager to remove your lapel microphone and give you permission to
leave the floor. Otherwise, you could ruin what would have been a good camera shot to the
ending of the show. You don’t want to come off as an unprofessional guest to the
audience, do you?

When appearing on television for the first time, it is crucial that you make all the
necessary preparations so that it would become a success. In addition, you should make
sure that there are people actually watching the show, especially people who comprise your
book’s target audience. Take advantage of certain social media marketing techniques
like posting news about your guesting on your Facebook page or announcing it on Twitter.

Start a promising writing career through the help of BookWhirl, a leading 
self-publishing and book marketing firm.

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