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Some Things to Keep in Mind When Creating
Your Book Trailer 

Imagine this scenario: you are in a cinema and the trailer of an upcoming movie comes on. It’s interesting and all kinds of awesome so you turn to your date or companion and say, "Let’s watch that when it comes out!"

Now imagine eliciting this kind of reaction from a potential reader through your book
video which you can post on influential video sharing sites like Youtube and Dailymotion.
If it’s particularly well-made, viewers who get to watch it will be impressed by it.
By then, not only will they be excited to buy your book, but they may also spread the word
about it to their friends, family members, and acquaintances. Talk about the power of
going viral.
Creating a book video trailer entails so much more than just coming up with a concept for
the said production, as there are so many more things you need to think about. Consider
the following practical tips when making your very first author video.

In this case, simplicity is beauty. You would not want to overwhelm your viewers
with an excessive amount of verbal, auditory, and visual elements. There is no need to go
extremely lavish and grand, when you can express what you want to say about your book in a
few simple scenes.

Aim for an achievable look. Do not attempt to make something similar to a
magnificent movie trailer, especially if you do have the means yet. The aesthetic of your
first production will be influenced by the theme of your book and your target audience.

There is no need to relay your entire plot in your video, or even tell a short summary
of it. In most cases, an impressionistic approach that attempts to communicate the
concept of the book while only giving out hints at its plot is more effective.

Create a script for your production, instead of just contenting yourself with using
your book’s jacket copy. Remember that people read and comprehend text
differently when watching a video than when they are reading. Thus, there is a need for
you to compose a script that expresses the most essential details of your book in a very
short, concise manner.

Steer clear of using amateur or non-actors in your production. Poor acting can ruin the
quality of your production and can create a less than positive impression on your
viewers. Also, using actors may affect your readers’ ability to use their
imagination when they finally get to read your book.

Display crucial information about your book, such as your cover, blurb, and publishing
information, at the trailer’s end. Separate it from the actual promotional part
of your video, so as to make a greater impact on the viewers.

Before you even think of looking for any book trailer service out there, you must consider
what else you can do to amp up your marketing campaign. A trailer is an effective tool but
it will be most influential and powerful if you combine it with other strategies as well.

Find out what a book trailer and’s other book marketing services can do for your campaign

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