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The Essence of Beauty and Brains in
Self-marketing Through Websites

Having a personal corner on the web is probably one of the most fulfilling moments in an author's life. It's like completing a dream house, with a beautiful sunken garden, a freshly painted fence, and a high-end security device. Every person who would pass by the house would probably find it irresistible to take a closer look, and even more to get inside the house and get acquainted with the owner. Having a house is like having a spot on the Internet. A website needs to be taken cared of appropriately and frequently. But one question is always dominant. How can one make a website standout?

More than having the goal of driving increased traffic on a website, having the
appropriate design is vital. It is important to consider the theme of the website that
would suit the author's book or personality perhaps. Colors play an equally important part
too. Always check the website design's readability. Beauty and aesthetics are not
everything, but they are something. The Aesthetic factor draws attention for site
visitors, and no matter how little, color selection can make visitors stay or drive them
away. As the common cliche goes, simplicity is beauty. One must also consider that beauty
is subjective. Not so good impressions about the color or the design of the website are

Besides aesthetics, content is the main gist in establishing a website. It is important to
proofread the entire content before uploading any article. This usually works better when
two heads are working. Comments and suggestions about the content are always helpful. Most
of the time, the second and third revisions always come out to be the best. Establishing
and determining the right content of the website will be very beneficial especially for
the users who are plainly searching for some interesting reads. Content will not only
strike for attention, but it would retain and keep visitors coming back.

Maintaining a website can also be likened to keeping friendships. Communication frequency
and interaction will keep the flame burning and the website traffic, too. When a visitor
leaves a comment on your blog, always reply with politeness and appreciation. Apply it to
all kinds of posts - even on the mean ones. Respond to negative comments and criticisms
logically and professionally. In this way, visitors will appreciate your kindness and

Being up-to-date is also one big factor that can attract visitors to one's site. No one
wants to read entries which were dated months, or even years ago. The visitor might have a
perception that the website owner might have passed away or something, or just simply
abandoned the site. Updates will always keep the dynamism sustainable. Got twitter? Treat
updating websites just like updating friends. 

One can also offer something really unique to keep site visitors coming. Uniqueness can
always generate buzz, and who knows when the buzz would stop.

A website cannot help to market a book, unless one would market the website.

Take advantage of the World Wide Web's social networking sites. There are hundreds of
them. Participate on social networking sites and always tag the name of your website. When
there are concerns that link to the category of your book, give advices and state that
there's more to learn when they visit your website. Social networking sites don't only
drive website traffic; it creates powerful connections, too. Actively participating on
social networking sites expands your connections, which can be of great benefit in
marketing and promoting books. 

Increase web presence through participating on forums and blogs. Write a blog about your
own website. People would always be hungry for ideas and suggestions. Wholeheartedly offer
help through various ways, just don't forget to tag the name of your website. Feel free to
invite every after comment.

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