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The Significance of Print Marketing Materials
in a Digital World

You are lucky to live in a digital age. Thanks to technology and the Internet, it is easier for you to do a lot of things: buy and sell various goods and services, research information, connect with people, and even remain in touch with your friends and loved ones. However, just because you’re enjoying all these conveniences now doesn’t mean that you should give up on the things that still work for you.

Print marketing materials are some of the things that cannot be discounted. In this modern
and fast-paced world, seemingly "simple" items like business cards, bookmarks,
postcards, and posters can sometimes have as much or even greater recall value than a
sophisticated website. When you think about it, it is certainly a lot easier to store and
remember the details of a business card than it is to keep track of the regular
developments on a site. 

As an author who wishes to succeed in a naturally competitive industry, the question for
you could be: should you still include these kinds of materials in your book marketing
campaign? Experts say: yes. 

What you should remember is that marketing your books will be an extensive endeavor. For
one, you cannot just put the entire burden on the publishing companies that you partner up
with. You must do a lot of the hard work yourself. Also, you should avoid just focusing on
one particular medium, or you will place your entire campaign at a severe disadvantage. To
grab the attention of your target audience and create leads, you must take advantage of
several mediums as you possibly can, or at the very least choose those that are suitable
to your needs as an author. 

Even in this extremely sophisticated world, there are still some people who prefer
receiving print marketing materials for the reason that holding something tangible in
their hands makes them feel more at ease with the business, entity, or people that they
get in contact with. As a self-publisher marketing your own work, you cannot afford to
neglect these kinds of customers because you could be missing out on some great
opportunities, which could potentially impact your campaign in a negative way. 

In addition, connection with your target readers is another aspect that you should focus
on. Publishers and publishing experts are one in agreeing that in marketing, you should
focus on emphasizing the benefits instead of simply describing the features. Keep in mind
that most people usually do not care about the latter; instead, they are more curious
about what they can get out of a certain product or service. 

All this does not mean that you should completely do away with your email advertising
campaigns as well as your blog and website. That is not the point of this article. Rather,
you should find a way to unite the two seemingly different mediums: print marketing and
online advertising. If you are able to find a good and feasible way to do that, then you
will have assured yourself a successful marketing campaign for your book.  

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