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The Way to Successful Book Publicity

An effective and affordable book publicity campaign is one thing that can determine the success of your book. However, most experts also claim that it is definitely not that easy to achieve. For many first-time authors, and even those who are already old-timers, the promotion of a published book is something that can require a little bit of training.

Focus on your target audience. Contrary to what you might think, most journalists care
very little about authors, not unless you are a very famous and successful one. What is
important to them is their audience. Therefore, for you to make the most impact on these
journalists and their audiences, you must make it a point to tailor your press releases to
the kind of audience which you hope to reach. 

Make sure that you get in touch with the right person, to avoid wasting time—yours
and that of the editor or journalist that you contact. Keep in mind that most in the media
industry have hectic schedules, so you need to be appreciative and mindful of their time.
Be direct to the point when you make your pitch and make sure you answer succinctly any
questions they might have.

To advertise a book, it is preferable that you take advantage of all possible media
channels and publications. If you are to get the most exposure for your book, you must not
be afraid to approach the big media firms as well as the lesser known ones. The bigger
outlets are usually looking for unknown talents that they can discover and highlight, and
the smaller ones usually have a smaller yet influential and focused audience.

Do not forget to give all of your contacts the respect and consideration that they
deserve, no matter how busy you are. Remember that these people also have busy schedules
and what they are basically doing is helping you out in your campaign. Therefore, be
punctual when you have appointments and make sure you submit you submit your materials to
them on time.

Remember that obtaining publicity for your book is not likely to be a one-shot effort. You
can’t have everything you wished for in just one try. You may have to wait a very
long time or make certain changes to your campaign a few times before you can see results.
Be patient and work hard on your campaign.

In the end, there is actually no guarantee to success in the book publishing world.
Following the above steps, however, ensures that you are closer to it than most people who
approach book marketing haphazardly.

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