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Utilizing Transition

Embracing Transition A lot of things have changed since the past decade. Teenagers on the present decade are innocently amused how a Walkman works compared to their high-end music players. But that doesn't mean that music went out of trend. It never did.

Beyond the Box Communication

The birth of social networking sites paved a way for rapid growth of online users. More
people are now inclined in creatively exchanging information across the globe. Even the
baby boomers, who still love using their vinyl record, have ventured into the world of
online socialization. Facebook, one of the largest social networking sites, tops a
population of 300 million users. It's almost as large as the U.S. population. 

People nowadays can be connected whenever and wherever. Whether they maybe traveling
around town or simply sitting down at the office, social networking sites allow
individuals to communicate and even share information through various forms of media. They
may be in status updates, photos, videos, audio, blogs, etc. What percent of the online
population are addicted to 'Facebook-ery?' or 'Twitter-ey?' In an article from, it reports, "Internet users in August spent 17% of
their surfing time on social network and blogging sites, nearly triple the percentage of
time spent on such sites a year ago, according to Nielsen". People are now often
checking their mobile phones for updates and information on their social networking site
accounts. We just could not get enough of staying connected. Social networking sites
seemed to become a web of thread that further expands endlessly.  

Online Key reported that the number of worldwide email users is projected to
increase from over 1.4 billion in 2009 to almost 1.9 billion by 2013. Now that's a lot of
email subscribers. Apart from email being the classic channel for communication, we must
admit that email accounts are our passes to engage in the cyber world. It is through our
email accounts that we create our profile as an online user.  Our email accounts serve as
our identity when we interact online. It's the key to unlocking optimum internet
utilization. A proactive online user could not disregard the importance of acquiring and
maintaining email accounts. After all, personal and business communications are done
through emails. 

Email vs Social Networking

Just recently, an article from Wall Street Journal claimed that email no longer
rules, and its rank is replaced by social networking sites. The article garnered
attention, and flourished into various and a series of article rebuttals from all over the
internet. The topic grabbed attention and totally sparked interest to millions of users.
It delved on the subject on whether or not email was still the king of online
communication. Although it created different kinds of insights, discussions were able to
evaluate how communication was repackaged, and how it affects the way we live. This only
proves that the way we communicate is as important as communication. 

Online Marketing

For book marketers, it does not have to be debatable. It doesn't matter on which of the
two, email or social networking, actually makes it on top. Social networking and email
communications complement each other-both co-exist. "While the global reach, rapid
adoption and high engagement found in social media have email marketers salivating at the
potential these environments offer to engage with customers and prospects, the real
challenge is how best to facilitate meaningful interactions," quoted from the article
Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing by Chris Crum. 

Email marketing is a proven efficient tool in promoting books. It boasts in having to
target demographically, reaching the right consumers. Social networking sites on the other
hand boosts on building and expanding online relationships. It can further cultivate
connections that would add competence to any book campaign. However, one would have to
properly invest a huge chunk of time in building online social rapport. When properly
used, email and social networking is a powerful combination in multiplying the echoes of
book campaigns.  

Utilizing Transitions

As the years will pass, we will continue to experience rapid developments in technology
that can either have the best or the worst. The evolution on the way we communicate is
endless. But developments in technology on the way we communicate can be best utilized
when we exert efforts to learn and assess towards effective communication.

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