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Why Pre-publishing Preparations Lead to
Thriving Book Marketing Campaigns

The efficiency of your book marketing campaign firmly lies on good planning and timely execution. The things you do, from writing the manuscript to launching your book could affect sales. Although there are other millions of reasons that could affect sales, not doing pre-marketing routines can bring down a campaign that has the potential of being successful.

We can observe how free sampling booths make people fall in line (even long lines) at the
supermarket. This is because introductions make people curious. Advancer treats make
people long more for something that they have just experienced in small quantities. 

This article will talk about the necessity of strategic pre-publishing activities.

The following tips will help you prepare and conduct extensive publicity campaigns before
and after your book is launched: 

Create Small and Big Sparks. Getting the attention of the media is not about
quantity. It doesn't really matter how frequent you bug them to publish your book’s
press release. The main point is to create win-win press relationships. Let the media feel
that they have the edge over others. Send them advance reading copies of your book.
Directly tell the media what you can offer and what makes you different among the other
millions of books that are being published. Moreover, separate yourself from your book.
Create professional relationships with bookstores, editors, reviewers, and the like.

Speak in Front of a Crowd. Doing speaking engagements will give you the opportunity
to share personal insights that can encourage and inspire. It increases your visibility
towards prospective readers. Getting in front of your market will breed benefits for years
to come. 

Learn that Criticism is Normal. The act of marketing inevitably invites criticism.
However, the fear of being critiqued should not stop you from marketing your books. You
should not take criticisms personally. Learn to filter out constructive criticism from

Get Your Right Blend of Marketing Options. Do not just focus on one media. A
thriving campaign is always a combination of a good media mix. Offer different kinds of
marketing components. Remember that response rates from media outlets vary. That's why it
is equally important for you to multitask. You cannot waste time. Keep a lot of things
brewing, and in the end, you will realize how much you have accomplished.

Don't Over-extend Publicity Too Early.  Learn to pace yourself and stick to your
budget. Cramming does not give long term results. Preparation and what you do in the first
few months of your campaign are what really matters. Make sure you don't blow up and
splurge your entire budget on the first six months of your marketing stint. Leave a budget
to finance and reinforce the first half of your campaign. 

Premature Publicity is a Risk. Timing is a vital part when doing publicity. If you
get the media interested too early, like even before the book is finished, it will create
high demand for something that is not even there yet. Should you consider advance
publicity, you may want to have an author website to direct the media to for updates. Make
sure that you do regularly update your author website though.

A self-published author should leave no room for idle time once he decides to step up and
cut through the reading market. Remember, you are not the only entity who is competing for
attention. For a successful book marketing campaign, it's only important to plan out
ahead, even before your book is launched. Advanced planning and alternative options always
make it much easier.

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