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Your Checklist For A 5-Star Book Event

You would always want the best to market your book. Book events are the times when authors expect much for their book's exposure. Preparing for these events can be tough considering that there is a list of things that need to be checked and finalized. Book events like make every author dreamy and anxious about long customer lines and stuffed cash boxes.

Regardless of the amount of money that you are going to invest on a book event, it should turn out successful. As self-published authors, you have to wear the event coordinator's hat. This basically means that you have to spearhead every event and look at everything down to the tiniest details.

This article features a smart checklist on how to improve conducting 5-star promotional events for your book.
  1. Brainstorm. This is the stage where you squeeze in everything that's possible. Jot down all your ideas that best suit your event. These ideas should answer the question: What do I want my readers to think about me and my book? Aside from generating ideas, you should also consider the following elements: relevance, consistency, creativity, and strategy.
  2. Sit down and plan out. Think of ways and means that'll help your ideas come to fruition. Think of practical but highly effective strategies. Your strategies will most likely cover: venue, logistics, promotions, and publicity.
  3. Budget. This can be very challenging. Money can easily run out when you're having fun. That's why you should optimize the use of your budget for every book event. Consider what things are necessary. Hold off on the fancy things that can wait when there's more than enough money. Stay loyal to your budget.
  4. Advance publicity. Content, medium, and timing make advance publicity effective. For content, you should be creative and relevant to attract attendees. What can your readers learn from reading your book? What makes your event worth the time? Create a simple yet persuasive strategy statement. State a call to action. Mediums can be attractive invitation cards, bookmarks, flyers, posters, button pins, print ads, press releases, websites or video trailers. Timing can be very crucial. It's best to launch your advance publicity 30 to 60 days prior to your book event.
  5. Crowdsourcing. When you let your readers get involve, you don't only get attention, but you get the opportunity to generate ideas from them. Crowdsourcing can be in many forms. Get the public involve by letting them help you out on creating a video trailer for your book. Offer appealing rewards to entice a lot of participants. You'd be surprised to see how much ideas can be generated to your advantage.
  6. Give away good attitude at all times. Criticism, whether you agree or not, is part of success. Always have a polite and courteous attitude especially when facing impossible-to-deal-with customers.Success doesn't come overnight.
  7. Express gratitude in tangible ways. At the end of every book event, it's always best when you reward the people who took time to attend. If it's possible, send out personalized 'thank you' cards. By doing this, they will most likely look forward to your next book event.
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