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Tell us about your book in 5 sentences.
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Other Specific Information

1. Write a short summary of your book.
(Please have it in 2 to 3 paragraphs)

2. What are your book’s ideas/points that
can persuade readers to purchase it?

3. What is the basic theme of your book?

4. Kindly give us interesting and substantial
quotes from your book. (at least five quotes)

5. If your book has garnered awards and
recognitions, please list them down and
give a two-sentence description.

6. Please contribute any additional remarks
and/or suggestion that can be of great
benefit in the creation of the write-up/s.
Please include former press releases,
book reviews, and any other form of
publicity release.

7. List five (5) target audiences
(target markets) that would be interested
in your product according to priority.
Online Directory Listing Order Specifics
1. Give us a 25 word description of your book.
2. To which web address or URL do you want your clients directed? When clients click on your ad, they will be redirected to the web address that you specify.
Your Website
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Please tell us about your other books
or upcoming projects. Kindly provide us the
titles and their description.

Payment Information
Kindly specify your mode of payment. If you have paid prior to completing this form, please disregard this section. If you wish to pay via credit card, please call us at our toll-free number 1 (877) 207-1679). For money order and check payments, kindly provide us with the tracking number by calling us at the said number.
Money Order
Credit Card
  • A down payment of 30% of the payable amount is required to commence the fulfillment of the's product and services.
  • All Check Payments should be sent to the address below:
         P.O. Box 12411
         Green Bay WI 54307 USA
    We will not be held liable for any Check Payment Concerns, aside from the checks that are sent to the address we have specified.
  • Please take note that the product or service will only be launched when the client has fully paid the total amount of the requested order.
  • As stated and explained in's Refund Policy, the service is fully refundable except for the $50 set-up fee required prior to the commencement of the fulfillment of these products and services. However, once the Order Form (OF) has already been completed, signed, and sent; only 70 percent of the payable amount shall be returned in response to refund requests. Please note that refund requests will no longer be honored(1) if you failed to submit the OF within one month, and (2) once you have signed and submitted the Approval Form (AF) of your preferred Marketing Service. A signed AF would signify that the option to revise and change the content of your Marketing Service's materials will no longer take effect.
  • Results of's Marketing Campaigns may produce varied results, depending on the quality and sales potential of every book. merely provides the essential marketing service programs to help a book achieve its maximum sales potential.
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