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A List of Hot Selling Genres to start off in

Most writers dream of having their books published. We write something to express our
thoughts, feelings, insights, and opinions.

There is a large population of readers. People like different things, from fashion, food,
cars, movies and other whatnots. It’s definitely a complicated world out there. For
you to be an effective writer, it is only necessary that your book fit a specific

Below is a list of currently hot genres that every upstart self-publisher should consider
writing about:

This type of genre composes physical action and violence. It usually revolves around a
quest or a mission that is often set on exotic areas like islands, mountains, jungles or
deserts. City settings are by default the usual setting but if you’re into science
fiction, too, outer space would also do well.

Often, this genre is written from the protagonist’s point of view though there’s
no rule that you can’t write a book on crime from the perpetrator’s point of
view. Technical research is necessary especially since this genre would revolve around
penal and court systems as well as how cases are handled by the local or national police.
It is also important that you logically take pieces of the puzzle out and effectively
connect them at the end.

This is the type of genre where your imagination can go appropriately wild. Fantasy
stories are usually set on fancier versions of the real world. It usually involves magic,
mystic elements, or supernatural creatures. Fantasy stories are interestingly intriguing
and complex given that they are boundless.

The horror genre is dominantly a composition of fear and fascination for most readers. It
usually makes use of medical, psychological, religious, and supernatural ideologies.
Readers paradoxically fear yet continue flipping pages until the book is done.

This kind of genre technically involves characters that aim to discover or unravel vital
information. The mystery is usually kept hidden until the story’s climax and at times
even involves plot twists.

According to Janet Grischy of, "The best selling genre of paperback fiction
is romance, accounting for more than half of total sales. Within the genre of romance are
many sub-genres, assuring that every reader will find the kind of book she is looking
for". The romance genre’s ultimate goal is to have a happy or well deserved

Science Fiction
The science fiction genre involves specific branches of science and technology as major
plot elements. It usually talks about the future and is most often set on a futuristic
version of Earth or on other planets in differently galaxies.

In a famous quote from Henry Brooks Adams, he states "A teacher affects eternity; he
can never tell where his influence stops". Publishing one’s book is fairly
similar to teaching. When you decide to write for others, you narrate your experience or
imagination and share insights that the reader can either agree or disagree with. When you
write for others, you challenge their minds to think twice on things they used to believe
in. Sometimes, it can even affect current beliefs, faith, and values that were molded for
years. Because once you get your book published, you can never know how great it can
influence every reader’s perspective on the way certain things are.

Dreams don’t come true unless you work hard for it. Go ahead, write that book.

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