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Advertise Even If Everyone is in Deep
Economic Times

Summary: shares its top reasons why self-published authors should advertise
in challenging economic times.

Sure advertising doesn’t come cheap. Everything in this planet does not come cheap at

But if there’s one thing that’s worth investing, it’s got to be

Being a self-published author requires you to be a tough player. You don’t have that
much capital just to experiment and flush all your money down the drain. You have to be
sure that everything you do, whether advertising or publicity, can make a significant
impact on your book marketing campaign. 

As a single independent player in the self-publishing industry, you have to make the
strongest efforts for your book marketing campaign to succeed. If you believe that your
book can sell, then you have to be ready to reinforce with marketing tools. And if you
think that your book can still make it even without advertising and publicity, that’s
never going to happen. 

Agree or disagree, self-publishing involves a lot of taking risks. It also involves
investing a significant amount of money. But it’s not just all about money. It’s
actually more of planning and "unplanning" a book marketing campaign until you
realize that you have reached your goal. Success in self-publishing is about writing a
great book, knowledge, planning, strategy, timing, hard work, guts, dedication, and having
a bottomless supply of optimism within your veins. 

So why should you advertise when everyone is experiencing the fiery global financial

For one, print advertising never gets old fashioned. Yes, there are tons of more
affordable marketing strategies online. But you have to admit, book lovers are more
inclined with something that is tangible compared to what’s not. Your main objective
above everything else is to sell books. People who love to buy books read newspapers,
magazines, and rush to book stores. And even if almost ¾’s of the globe has
embraced digital media, still, more and more people are subscribed to print media. 

Print media will is not considered SPAM.

Print media can never offend recipients.

Print media will let you gain respect.

Print media will let you achieve an international impression.

When the market has fewer ads, your message will be more likely to be noticed. Don’t
loose your temper when your friends think you’re just wasting money for a print ad.
They just don’t understand how a single ad can make a big difference in your book
marketing campaign. Advertising will help convince your prospective readers that you are
serious in your career. You will gain a lot of confidence from your readers.

The current economic donwnturn can be an incredible opportunity to create rapport, build
market share, and increase sales. Even though generating income has become rough, the
economy will still continue rolling.

And last but definitely not the least, recession is the best reason for you to spend your
money. If your in doubt, you can ask the experts in economics. They will tell you why. 

So go, and reserve your advertising slot now.

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