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Behind the Publishing Success of E.L. James'
Fifty Shades Trilogy

The erotic romance-themed-book, Fifty Shades Trilogy has made author E.L. James
famous and successful in the world of writing. However, the experience was not an instant
triumph at all.

The Early Responses
An authors’ successdoesn’t exist without going through some writing, publishing,
and marketing obstacles. In the beginning, Fifty Shades Trilogy attracted criticism
due to its sexually explicit depictions. This led public libraries in Brevard County,
Florida, USA to reportedly remove copies of the book from their shelves. Some book authors
considered the novel to be a fan fiction, ripping off the Twilight series. On top of the
plagiarism issue,the book was cited to have poor literary qualities of the work and
unremitting repetition of words for hundreds of times in its whole content. According to
an Indian British novelist and essayist, Salman Rushdie, he has never read anything so
badly written that got published.

In the same year, Brevard County retracted their decision and made copies of the book
available to their shelves because of the book’s high public demand. 

Overpowering the Obstacles
Despite all the criticism, what did it take for the book to gain publishing success?

Some other factors are given into consideration as to why the book is now called as New
York Times no.1 bestselling trilogy and hailed by Entertainment Weekly as being "in a
class by itself." After all, it is the content of the book that matters to the public
and the way book has influenced the emotions of every reader. Fifty Shades Trilogy
is a love story more than sex. It depicts love fantasies, mysteries, comedies, and family
values. The bookhas played and twisted romantic emotions everyone can relate through the
author’s choice characters playing realistic roles in the society.

E.L. James has procured success in publishing because first, she decided that publishing
herbook is the right thing to do.Second, she unveiled an expertise in the romantic and
erotic love theme she chose for her book, resulting to its high acceptance among the
readers. The book attained publishing success because of its powerful message conveyed to
the readers in all disciplines.

Having been named as "Person of the Year 2012," E.L. James has proven that despite
all the unlikely criticism her book received in the beginning, the book deserves a place
in the literary world.

Partnering with a Reliable Book Publisher
It takes a genuine mind, a book, and a publisherin the high competitive world of
literature. To partner with a credible book publisher is another factor considered as to
why the author succeeded.Shifting more than 70 million copies, Fifty Shades Trilogy
has suddenly turned E.L. James into an extraordinary author since January 2012 as it has
become the publishing’s phenomenal book for the year.

Fifty Shades Trilogy’s popularity has reportedly helped the publisher to
record revenue increase of 22.5% in 2012. A reliable book publisher should assist every
book author with reliable book publishing and marketing services and should be the book
author’s mentor in every strategy that it takes.

You are next in line
Fifty Shades Trilogy’s fame continues as the value of electronic reading
heightened. At present, publishing needs of aspiring book authors are becoming more
accessible online.Once, E.L. James simply dreamed of becoming a writer of stories that
readers would fall in love with. Writing her romantic novel turned her dream into reality
that is more of what she expected. She is among thosebook authors who are highly
recognized for "runaway success" in the field of writing.

Like E.L. James, every aspiring author has everything to prove. What does matter is to
take into consideration the fact that success in publishing means overcoming the fear,
taking action to any possible rejection of your book, waning away the worries in your
mindon any criticism, and investing on the right book publishers. 

Find out how can turn your life around as an author with its wide and
diverse range of book publishing packages and book marketing services.

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