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Compelling Reasons Why You Should
Self-Publish Your Book

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to get into self-publishing a book. Why? Well,
just look around and see: tablets are now in mass production, connectivity is global, and
people are more inclined to spread what they know rather than keep it to themselves. 

Thanks to the immense power of technology, a greater number of people are now able to
purchase high-tech e-book readers and large amounts of data can now be sent from one
corner of the world to the other. People have adapted alongside these technological
developments. A great number of them log online to find information and to be entertained,
and this number is only expected to increase over the years.

Whether you are an aspiring author or someone who has already gained some measure of
success in the literary field, this is indeed the perfect time for you to consider
venturing into self-publishing books. If you’re a bit hesitant about the process,
here are five, and not just one, reasons why you should give it a shot.

You exercise absolute control over your work.
It’s the dream of every author: to be free from the bounds set by picky editors and
intimidating agents. Because you ventured into book self- publishing, you get to control
the contents of your book, its length, and its appearance. 

Time is not an issue, that is, when it comes to getting your book to market.
Especially when you self-publish your book online, you can already release your book just
a week or so after you have approved its final draft.  With traditional publishing, you
would have to wait around six to nine months before you can release your printed book in
the market, and that’s if you’re lucky.

Your published book can continue to be in print, for as long as you like.
Compared to traditional publishers, who typically stop marketing books once they have
declined in sales and market appeal, self-publishers can opt to print copies of their
works for as they feel a need to.

Your work can reach the outermost corners of the world, literally.
With global distribution options, your e-book can be listed right away in a hundred or
more countries. As an online publisher, your influence and reach is much more expansive
than that of traditional publishing.

You are rewarded with higher royalty.
With this kind of book publishing, you may be required to put in greater effort, but all
your hard work will pay off in the end. As a self-publisher, you get to keep all or most
of your profits. Even when it comes to foreign rights revenues, you do not have to share
them with a traditional publishing firm; thus, you generally make more money.

These reasons just barely scratched the surface of the various reasons why you should give
self-publishing a serious thought. There may be more advantages to the process. One way
that you can know for sure is to actually try it for yourself.

Find out how can turn your life around as an author with 
its wide and diverse range of book publishing packages
and book marketing services.

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