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The Perpetual Perks of Self-publishing

Every writer’s dream is to get published. Nothing beats the feeling of reading
one’s byline from a reputable publishing firm. Writing is a creative outcome for the
struggle of silence. Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize-winning American
author, once said, "If there is a book that you want to read and it hasn’t been
written yet, then you must write it."

Technology’s innovation has created more gateways of publishing opportunities. The
birth of e-books, print on demand technology, marketing online tools, and the redefined
ways of information dissemination has opened multiple doors of publishing. These
developments led to the thriving expansion of the publishing industry. Given more than
enough resources, more and more writers are coming out from their nutshells. More and more
people are engaging to bag the prestigious title of being called a published

Being different from what everybody is doing doesn’t make you a little lower than
everyone else. Self-publishing is a repackaged art for the same purpose—to touch
lives through writing. 

Here are bullets on why self-publishing can be an edge over what is traditionally done:

Complete Hands-on for Production
You have an option to either do everything or to ask assistance with a vanity press.
It’s an opportunity to master the craft and process of publishing. 

There’s a less chance to worry on retaining the twists of your plots. You won’t
be obliged to revise your work to increase potential monetary gain. 
Do It Yourself Marketing
It will be challenge to penetrate your reader market. You are your own boss so the
game’s winning is all up to your hands. Who else would be a master for selling your
own book but you—the author. 

As an author, you know your book’s purpose and for whom is it written. You plan your
own book marketing strategy. Through your marketing campaigns, you can reach closer to
your readers and build relationships. You won’t just sell your books, but you sell
yourself as an author. 

Wait No More
Competition is fierce in the publishing industry. Your book may be great but you may not
find a publisher. You can end up searching and waiting for years. But with
self-publishing, you plan your own adventure and launch it according to your schedule.

Worth the Risk Figures

Self-publishing will cause you to invest money. But no one gains without taking risks.
Self-publishing is a business. Your scores will be defined on how you’ve played the

When you decide to solely publish, you decide the price of your book and keep 100% of the

Another option is to pay a vanity press to publish your book. They pay high royalties
compared to traditional publishers.

Self-publishing as an Opportunity than a Challenge

Managing your own business takes you a lot higher than those who only wait for royalties.
Moreover, you can even help out fellow authors or newbie’s of the industry through
sharing your experience or conducting consultations. These engagements help you become a
better author, a better person. The heart may stop beating, but the ink will always flow.

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