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Timeless Insights for Your Self-publishing

Every self-published author will go through the roughs and bumps of publishing their book
before reaching the pedestal of success. When working your head and heart out on your
manuscript, not everything is beyond your control despite you can never accurately
predicting if majority of the market will love or take a spike at your book.

Face it. The intense competition within the market from established authors, famous
books, and whatnots will most likely intimidate you. But unless you learn how to face it,
you will find it difficult to move forward. Face it. That’s the way to make it

Make the most of what you have. If you are confident with your skills then lessen
outsourcing the labor for your book’s marketing. For example, in generating
publicity, it is advisable that you write your own press release. If you have experience
in journalism, why would you hire a publicist? As an author, it is your responsibility to
bring out the best of your book.

Embrace resilience. There will be times when things won’t go your way. So,
learn to constantly love change and make the best out of it.

Leave little room for cynicism. Being optimistic fuels your drive to achieve bigger
dreams. However, looking at both the positive and negative outcomes will help in making
decisions. Thinking of the worst result of every situation will prepare you for whatever
may happen and allow you to create the necessary contingencies.

Dreams don’t just happen unless you work hard for it. Working hard means
having initiative and persistence and doing what makes a lot of sense. 

It’s easier to react than to create. Expect having your share of critics and
tormentors. No matter how you do things right and work hard, not everybody will love what
you write. Keep in mind though that negative reviews and impressions are opinions; it does
not necessarily make them facts. 

Do not give up if things go wrong. Failure is a necessary step in your growth
process. It’s a sign that you are doing something to reach your goal.

Readers, more often than not, are complicated. Writing is an art. Not everyone will have
the eye to appreciate what you have written. Failing to successfully penetrate the
preference of readers does not necessarily diminish you and your work. Diversity is the
beginning of art.

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