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The Avatar and the Crystal Key

The Avatar and the Crystal Key

Author: Janine Regan-Sinclair
Page: 144
Genre: Mind, Body & Spirit
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Packed with more exciting adventures 'The Avatar & the Crystal Key' is the fourth book in the Angel Warrior series, taking readers on another enlightening journey through the higher levels of consciousness and many other realms of existence, as Alethea of Avon climbs from Saint through Avatar Supreme to Rishi, on the Crystal Ki Map of Consciousness.

She undergoes many trials, much self-sacrifice and a crisis of faith. The death of her sister hits her hard, but in trying to maintain her balance and focus, whilst continuing to write. To her surprise she finds love again with someone from the past, and rediscovers her sister again in the higher realms. She is finally honoured with a crystal key that grants her rights of passage to Paradise and the higher planes. Readers will find many clues they can incorporate into their own personal journeys, as the genuine personal attainment figures set out in Book 3, 'The Princess & The Pink Moon Leeches' are included here, as the story develops. 

Look out for the fifth book in the Angel Warrior series, 'The Rishi & the Time Machine,' in which Alethea is asked to relinquish her free will, and finds the faith and courage to accept this great challenge. 

Janine Regan-Sinclair, Founder of The Crystal Ki Foundation is a Crystal Ki Specialist, Teacher, Author and Clinical Hypnotherapist based in the United Kingdom A pioneer in her field, she developed her own healing system using opalescent diamond energy, called Crystal Ki Healing, and the 21 Day Mind Detox, a revolutionary mind/body cleanse. She has written many articles for magazines stressing the importance of self-cleansing on an energetic level, and teaches Self Healing and Purification courses worldwide.
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