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M & M Affairs

M & M Affairs

Author: Micah Alexandra
Page: 144
Genre: Drama
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Michael Davenport was a normal person with normal sexual appetites until he met Marla, his first wife. Being young, and recently leaving the nunnery, Marla began to explore. After marrying Michael, her curiosity grew and, with Michael, she set out to satisfy them. After four years, they both went their separate ways.

Millicent Chekov is a doctor from the Ukraine, and she is living in New York. She and Michael meet and they become lovers, however, she is bothered by his possessiveness. Millicent is finally determined to teach him a hard lesson, but this comes only after she learns a couple of hard lessons of her own. They both play a game of revenge with each other, but they soon begin enjoying the different games, so much so that it borders on becoming an obsession.

Hal is an artistic photographer who specialized in nudes and porn, and he is a friend of Michael. There was a time he photographed and became involved with Marla. The question is will he do the same with Millicent. What kind of relationship will he develop with her?

While the scenes are explicit, the novel itself uses salty language to a minimum, using it only as it relates to certain characters and to certain situations.
About the author
Micah is a native New Yorker who spent some years doing theater. She now lives in Las Vegas where she spends her time working on her writing.
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