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A Gift to Others

A Gift to Others

Author: Stephen Ong, M.D.
Page: 162
Genre: Biography
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About the author
A young, impressionable boy is born in Indonesia to a family of Chinese ancestry. He marvels at a world full of wonders after completing his Medical Degree from the Philippines. He comes to the United States and discovers a world of love, affection, kindness and success in his medical profession. He builds a successful medical research center. His marriage thrives. His children grow up and are themselves successful. Grandchildren arrive at last. So, at the pinnacle of his life he looks back and inquires about how this incredible string of wonderful events happened to him. He discovers that he was the unending recipient of so many, wonderful gifts from others. Upon further reflection, he builds his personal philosophy around how giving and receiving gifts can build relationships and return multifold to the giver. He learns to value each act in this world in terms of whether or not it is "A Gift to Others." As he was given so many gifts in his life, he joyfully shapes each act as his own personal gift. Read this book so that you may also learn how to become "A Gift to Others." And in doing so, open you up to receiving these same incredible gifts that come to those who know how to give.
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