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The Goddess, A Moveable Feast ( Russian )

The Goddess, A Moveable Feast ( Russian )

Author: Andrew J. da Silva
Page: 52
Genre: Romance
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An old man recalls of his encounters with a living goddess and ancient text that reveals the secret for the empowerment and evolution of womankind in The Goddess, A Moveable Feast.  Author Andrew J. da Silva shares a personal encounter with a goddess in the highlands of northern Spain in this exceptional, transformative tale.

He invites everyone to immerse in this enchanting book about a famous Canadian artist whom the author once knew - a goddess that epitomizes the ancient and esoteric knowledge lost in the new age but known by some women in the past.  

In this fictional version of the author's personal encounter, he stresses the importance of possessing the openness and sight to recognize a Venusian, a goddess on Earth who brings sheer delight and ecstatic feeling emitted by her sheer presence.  As readers enter New York City's Greenwich Village, they get to witness this story of love and experience the unforgettable opportunity to meet a goddess.

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About the author
Andrew J. da Silva was born in New York City in 1931. He studied the Gurdjieffian ideas and worked under Dr. William Nyland from 1957-1964. Dr. Nyland was given permission by Gurdjieff to teach and work with his ideas, which the author believes Dr. Nyland faithfully followed. In this work, the notes DO and RE in the Octave, are investigated and found to contain unique proprieties in tune with man and his alignment with Great Nature. The notes DO and RE, define one's possible evolution, in a way no other system of thought has yet to define or to discover. These two notes constitute a complicated being experience-an inner journey-in which man must face unconditionally his greater Self. That confrontation and inner journey was recognized by the ancients and is identified and remarkably described in this work as The Dark Night of the Soul.
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