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The Heart and Soul of Midwifery

The Heart and Soul of Midwifery

Author: Irene Chain Kalinowski
Page: 248
Genre: Medical
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Midwives are undervalued globally and experienced midwife Irene Chain-Kalinowski believes that their professional status should be acknowledged. She would like to see changes globally, in the way that maternity services are provided - and that is for women to regain childbirth in a system that empowers women to take charge of their childbirth experience. That's why she shares her lifelong experiences throughout her midwifery journey and her lifelong ambition and passion to work with women to help them regain faith in the process of childbirth in her book, The Heart and Soul of Midwifery.

A practicing midwife for 32 years, the author has led a colourful life and a storied career in the field of medicine. In this memoir, she looks back to her journey and offers a rare glimpse into The Heart and Soul of Midwifery through her real-life experiences and stories from around the globe. Her work has brought her to many different places including the Middle East, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. It has also given her a wealth of realizations and experience on life and her duty. Her book mirrors both the sweep of personal history - including the author's private struggles and triumphs - and the professional insights that she gained on the job. She explores the finer points of a noble work in the light of the unique experiences that helped her fulfill her purpose. This is a valuable source of insights, advice and inspiration for both newcomers and veterans involved in the childbirth profession. 
About the author
Irene Chain-Kalinowski was born 21 July 1956, Rotherham, South Yorkshire England. She has been a practising midwife for 32 years and has worked in both hospital and community settings. Kalinowski is protective of women's rights which promote the principles of partnership, protection and participation. She has worked in both hospital and community settings and been exposed to multicultural environments.

A registered nurse and midwife, she practices in a holistic midwifery health care setting that creates healthy mothers where medical intervention and referrals are rarely required, women are empowered to take charge of their health and birthing experiences are celebrated. 
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