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Let It Be

Let It Be

Author: Irene Chain-Kalinowski
Page: 301
Genre: Fiction
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Fairy tales may just be make-believes; but it's never impossible it would come true if people choose to believe. Author Irene Chain-Kalinowski brings forth a heart-warming story that encourages everyone to face whatever life throws them. When they Let It Be, they can make it.

In this story about life, fairy tales, conflict, disappointment, fun, and love, readers get to follow a young girl's journey that will take her through many continents, where she makes friends in many countries. They will see how she has lived through the many tribal influences that suppress freedom - and her personal fight for freedom. Her life's experience shows the world how people need to live together and how it is important to keep everyone's culture. It is important that people integrate to make this world a better place. Readers can accompany her in a world where many cultures live in an Integrated New Zealand.

This gives hope and optimism and makes people feel like they are not alone. Let It Be is for all ages and travels through many countries where they may not have had the opportunity to venture. It is educational and funny - and may also bring some tears. 
About the author
Irene Chain-Kalinowski was born 21 July 1956, Rotherham, South Yorkshire England. She has been a practising midwife for 32 years and has worked in both hospital and community settings. Kalinowski is protective of women's rights which promote the principles of partnership, protection and participation. She has worked in both hospital and community settings and been exposed to multicultural environments.

A registered nurse and midwife, she practices in a holistic midwifery health care setting that creates healthy mothers where medical intervention and referrals are rarely required, women are empowered to take charge of their health and birthing experiences are celebrated. 
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