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Oh, Doctor!

Oh, Doctor!

Author: Alvah M. Weiss, M.D.
Page: 56
Genre: Fiction
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"A collection of sayings, proverbs, thoughts and feelings about doctors and medicine through the ages, plus some current thoughts heard at recent lectures," Dr. Weiss shares the wisdom, humor, insight, questions,
and observations about medicine from broadly varying racial, national, educational, philosophical, and religious backgrounds. Included are many proverbs from numerous countries, the folk wisdom from the world's ancient philosophers, and the thought of some of the world's most famous playwrights and politicians. 

Almost every walk of life is represented in Oh Doctor! You'll laugh out loud at the incisive wit and marvel at how little some things have changed from days of yore to modern times.

According to Webster's Dictionary, a proverb is: "A profound or oracular maxim; a sage sentence. A brief and epigrammatic saying that is popular by word; an oft-repeated pithy and ingeniously turned maxim; an adage. Proverbs are the wisdom of the streets."

Readers of every background will enjoy Dr. Weiss's ingenious compilation.
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