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The Bible is a Single Book

The Bible is a Single Book

Author: H Doyle Smith
Page: 48
Genre: Religion
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God is all Powerful and all Knowing
* Is His Bible really Just an Accumulation of Myths? *

H Doyle Smith says "No, There is a consistent theme, and an orderly outline to the Bible as a whole. When the scholars accumulated the stories that are included in the Bible, and eliminated the apocrypha, they did so knowingly, retaining those that taught the lessons that the scholars recognized as consistent. The theme and outline are clear but demand more, and less than people expect.

This book describes that outline and theme.
About the author
H Doyle Smith is the son of a Southern Baptist minister. He had read the Bible Through five times before he had left his teens, and after fifty years of meditation and thought had the insight that produced this book.

A member of Mensa and other high IQ societies, he has a Master of Arts degree, has been a CPA for thirty years, (now retired) is familiar with many denominations, including Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Mormon. Each of the denominations has many Christians who live up to their faith.

Currently a member of a Lutheran Church, he is active in a men's prayer group, a lay reader, and formerly a tenor in the choir.
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