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Sparkles and Guns

Sparkles and Guns

Author: Vivian Greene
Page: 24
Genre: Children's
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Sparkles the Clown of Many Moods is a children's character with a non-violent disposition who changes colors to correspond with his moods, Sparkles came to this world to teach about caring, love and respect one another.

On his planet there is no violence and do not use language as we know it. Sparkles communicates without speech. His actions are speaking through ones mind and with his moods that changes colors is the only means of communications.

Sparkles goes from adventure solving problem. Together with Sparkles, You will do your part to make this a better world.

This book is dedicated to the children of the world. It is my hope that each and every child will experience the joys that life can bring and learn to effectively solve problems and make decisions wisely.
About the author
Vivian Greene is the Founder of the Children's Dream Pals, and the creator of Sparkles the Clown of Many Moods. She currently lives in New Haven Connecticut where she continues to write children's books. Vivian was born in Springfield, Massachusetts where she studied art at the Vincent Art Museum and at Springfield College in Massachusetts.

At the early age of seven, Ms. Greene demonstrated a talent for the arts. She received a personal letter from the Walt Disney for the artistic rendering while attending the Vincent Art Museum.

Her new character is Sparkles the Clown of Many Moods, He comes from a crystal planet in a far off galaxy. Sparkles comes to Earth to teach children how to Love and Respect others and the World in which they live in. Vivian's dream that this book will inspire children from all walks of life to be the best they can be able to pass it on to generation to come.
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