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The Time After Happily-Ever-After

The Time After Happily-Ever-After

Author: Maxine Sue Feller
Page: 242
Genre: Fiction
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Alzheimer's took small bites out of Betty Chandler's husband since the onset of the disease. When Peter dies Betty wails, "My life is over!" 

Will she abandon any vision of a future, and wait for death as the reality of her existence? Becoming a widow is a time of transition. Betty starts the journey of self-discovery. Does morality provide comfort? 

Friends insist Betty take a cruise. She meets Alfonse D'Medici, and encounters a world filled with adventure, and romance. Will Betty explore the current mores of dating and sex? Has she the savvy to triumph over a man who parks diagonally in a parallel world and survive?
About the author
Maxine Sue Reichard is an alumna of Brooklyn College, New York City, NY. Irving Feller married Maxine, and they lived in Riverdale, NYC.,NY. They had three wonderful children, Adrienne, Richard, and Naomi.

After retiring to San Diego, Irving was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and Maxine started a writing career.

She has written several award winning books, and Maxine Sue Feller was accepted as a member in the prestigious American Pen Women Society.
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