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The Littlest Hockey Player

The Littlest Hockey Player

Author: Glenn Parker
Page: 176
Genre: Fiction
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Charlie Harrelson is 12 years old, small for his age and an accomplished piano player. He is constantly teased by his two older brothers who are much larger than he is and excellent hockey players. They view Charlie as being a bit of a wimp who can only play the piano and not much else.

Charlie is desperate for his brothers' approval and decides that in order to prove himself he is going to have to become a hockey player like them. He sets out to accomplish his goal but runs into many obstacles. For one, he can't skate very well. Who can help him in that area? Certainly not his brothers. They scorn his desire to become a hockey player and tell him that he should concentrate on playing the piano instead. For another, his mom is determined that he is going to
be a concert pianist. Also, his brothers keep telling him that hockey players need to be big and strong and able to take care of themselves. There is no room in the game for a wimp who can't even skate.

Charlie's brothers have no idea how determined Charlie is. Although he has been told over and over by both his brothers and his mother that he isn't an athlete, Charlie sets out to prove them wrong. With the aid of his teacher and the encouragement of his grandfather, Charlie begins to prove to his brothers that he is capable of being as good a hockey player as they are. Maybe he isn't very big but through strengthening exercises and becoming as fit as possible, Charlie hopes that he can close the gap between him and his brothers and finally win their respect.

He has a long way to go, but through determination, a lot of hard work and a never-say-die attitude, Charlie achieved success far beyond his wildest dreams.
About the author
The author has written and published many short stories in magazines and newspapers. This is his second novel. His first novel THE SHUTOUT GIRL is also about hockey. He was born in the Okanagan in the interior of British Columbia and played minor hockey there. He played university hockey for the University of British Columbia under Father David Bauer in the 60's. He currently lives in Comox, B.C. with his wife and enjoys traveling, reading, writing and playing golf. Watch for Mr. Parker's third novel HOCKEY FEVER coming soon.
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