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Common Threads

Common Threads

Author: Larry Auerbach
Page: 564
Genre: Fiction
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The town of Pinetar, Alabama was almost ruined and burned out of existence during a protracted siege during the War Between the States. Twelve years later, it is still just barely hanging on, but good times may be coming. A large financial investment is coming to Pinetar, to help the newly enfranchised former slaves, and former Rebels build new lives in what is now their war ravaged home, if they can all learn to work together. The government is also sending a teacher to start a school to help them all learn to read, write, and do their sums. The town desperately needs this financial assistance, as there is no industry and no work for anyone, and the dreaded carpetbaggers are coming.

The new Klu Klux Klan has become a force in the South and is threatening the stability of the community by using threats, intimidation, and terrorism to drive the new citizens out of the area. A US Marshal is ordered to take a team to the town and drive the Klan out of the area and protect the financial rebirth of the community, all but wiped out by the devastation of the war only the South wanted and only the North could hope to win.

Pinetar has its own secrets, however. Twenty years ago a black man was murdered to hide a scandal that would have ruined a very important family. Some people in Pinetar are seeking to rebuild their fortunes, while some are seeking to return to the old lost order. Others are coming to Pinetar for a variety of reasons. One is seeking redemption for a ruined military career, while another is coming to make an unscheduled withdrawal from the bank. One man is coming to seek revenge for an old injury, and another will clear his conscience. The tie between all of these issues, and the key to the resolution of that twenty year old murder mystery, is on the way. All of these people will meet in Pinetar and they will discover they all share COMMON THREADS.
About the author
Larry Auerbach is a licensed clinical social worker for the last 20 years, practicing in Pt. St. Lucie. Married for 30 years and has a son who is an elementary school principal in Concord, North Carolina.

Larry enjoys writing fiction books in particular. He gets a sense of adventure from writing and finds it very relaxing and stimulating to be able to tell an exciting story and entertain and educate people at the same time.

His latest, The Spirit of Redd Mountain, is a ghost story of retribution, and is set in modern Montana. He is a member of the Western Writers Of America, and is working on his third novel, where he returns to his favorite setting, the Old West. Look for familiar faces from that period as his characters cross paths with some of the legends of that era.
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