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Tips to Understanding Your Partner Better

Tips to Understanding Your Partner Better

Author: Joe Chiti
Page: 100
Genre: Self-Help
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This book will invigorate and stimulate your relationship with your beloved spouse. You will find in this book, common areas of conflict between husbands and wives. The source of these differences is lack of understanding between spouses and how their perceptions differ on issues. Many of us have a tendency to interpret our spouses' actions and reactions from our own point of view, as opposed to that of our spouse. Quite often, we assume that our spouses are like us. While this may be true in some cases, there are exceptions.

I have uncovered eight popular misunderstandings. This number has been intentional. I wanted to publish a relatively smaller book that could easily be a pocket companion. These eight areas expose generalizations. I recognize the existence of exceptions to every rule, but hope that the information contained here, will help you to appreciate your spouse even more. Additionally, I hope that you begin to implement these techniques to ultimately enrich your marriage as soon as possible. I am positive that you will most likely move from general conclusions about your spouse to specifics.

It is worth mentioning here that how soon you and your spouse start to respond positively to these suggested tips largely depends on how the two of you interact. Making assumptions about the behavior of your spouse does not help either of you, therefore, it is imperative to study these tips very carefully and apply them accordingly.

My earnest desire is to see husbands become gentler, more patient, understanding, and loving toward their wives, recognizing that they are weaker vessels. This is very important. Wives are exhorted to respect, honor, and submit to their husbands. The Christian home is meant to be seen as a place where the world can see practical love of Christ exemplified in human beings as husbands love and cherish their wives sacrificially as Christ still loves the church.

I therefore encourage you to not only read this book, but put into practice the suggested tips to better your relationship with your spouse. Approach and engage in discussions where possible with an open mind. Resist the temptation of being defensive before reading the whole argument.

May God richly bless your marriage as you put into practice these suggested tips.
About the author
Joe Chiti became a born again Christian at an early age in his life. He is the father of three grown children and resides in Florida USA. His various outreaches have taken him to prison ministries, evangelistic radio broadcasts, and most recently, Agape Youth Ministry in Jacksonville, Florida.

He has spent a good number of years discussing various issues on inter-personal relationships both with peer groups and the younger generation. During such discussions, it has became evidently clear that there is an unbelievably high degree of inadequate knowledge among men and women regarding understanding their spouses. It is with this lack of knowledge in mind that Joe has attempted to address some simple but very important tips that can be helpful in sustaining your relationship with your partner, hence the need to publish this book.

Please find other related ministry work that Joe is currently involved in on the following website.
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