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The Bert & Sally Kozma Story

The Bert & Sally Kozma Story

Author: Russell K. Tippett
Page: 222
Genre: History
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This amazing, true, Appalachian Story has been created from extensive personal interviews with Alice Florene "Sally" Newburn Danielson Kozma as she worked closely with us. As biographer and editor, we reviewed volumes of her personal writings, writings of her siblings, other relatives and friends.

There is no doubt that Sally understands the importance of "writing in great detail in hopes that 100 years from now someone finds her writings and appreciates the detail with which she has written."

In this work, many memories were recorded by different people with different viewpoints of the same incident(s). To make reading easier, viewpoints and descriptions are combined into the same narration of the incident(s). In all cases, extreme care has been focused on neither changing the meaning nor the intent of any description originally written about or provided in any manner. Additionally, many hours have been spent with Sally as she personally tells us her life's story.

Sally Kozma is my often dreamed about genealogical "treasure trove". She has provided my editor, Cindy Baden, and I with a massive volume of writings that she has treasured throughout her life. Sally, at age 97, is very much alive, has a great positive mental attitude, and is absolutely full of vivid memories.

It is a privilege to help her preserve her fascinating story for future generations. What an honor it is to truly know this incredible lady.
About the author
Russ considers it an absolute blessing to be a life-long resident of Appalachia Ohio. The Appalachian Mountain foothills, the culture and nature, make living here a fascinating and rewarding place to live. Born in Athens; reared in the Village of Chauncey, with the exception of a 3½ - year stint with Uncle Sam, he has reared a family, been awarded Bachelor and Master's Degrees, and earned a comfortable living here.

As an amateur genealogist and historian, he has spent considerable dollars and thousands of hours thinking, traveling, and researching his family's roots that date back to the year 1430 in what is today the country of Germany. He many times has dreamed of discovering a "treasure trove" of written materials that were produced by someone he has been researching.

Sally Kozma became his often dreamed about genealogical "treasure trove". In 2014, at age 97, Sally is very much alive, has a great positive mental attitude, and is full of vivid memories. Without hesitation, she provides him with a huge volume of her and Bert, her siblings and friends writings that she has saved throughout her many years.

Russ considers it an honor to help her preserve her fascinating life for future generations.
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