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Author: Joseph Laurin
Page: 88
Genre: Education
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In Iliad, 6, 392-516, Homer described the Trojan Hector's last farewell to his wife Andromache and infant son, Astyanax. They met at the Scaean gate of Troy where his wife came running with "a handmaid holding to her bosom the tender boy, a mere babe, the well-loved son of Hector, like a fair star. ... Then Hector smiled as he glanced at his boy in silence, but Andromache came close to his side weeping, and clasped his hand and spoke to him saying: ... Come now, have pity and stay here on the wall, lest you make your son fatherless and your wife a widow." "Glorious Hector stretched out his arms to his boy, but back into the bosom of his fair-belted nurse shrank the child crying, frightened at the sight of his dear father, and seized with fear of the bronze and the crest of horse-hair, as he caught sight of it waving terribly from the top of the helmet. Aloud then laughed his dear father and queenly mother; and immediately glorious Hector took the helmet from his head and laid it all gleaming on the ground. And he kissed his dear son, and fondled him in his arms, and spoke in prayer to Zeus and the other gods. ... So saying, he placed his child in his dear wife's arms and she took him to her fragrant bosom, smiling through her tears."
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