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Ethics 101: Why Not Be the Best We Could Be?

Ethics 101: Why Not Be the Best We Could Be?

Author: John Zaugg
Page: 230
Genre: Philosophy
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Here is a unique book that defines the seven principles on which Western Civilization is built.  Here is a book that defines the values by which people live as responsible adults in a free society.  Here is what will build confidence and hope for a better future.
Here are the values, principles and ideals on which to build a better future for our children.

My book defines seven principles-all seven of these principles are the OPPOSITE of what we are, today, recommended and taught.  That is why we are now faced with such doubt, fear, and apprehension.  

On the other hand, these values and principles are not difficult to understand or practice.  Even children can appreciate what I recommend.  In fact, every success we have as a nation or as individuals represents the application of these seven principles!  The problem is we do not teach, revere, practice or even recognize these principles as essential to our future.  Will people wake up?  I don't know, but at least here is a book, unlike anything on the market today, that gives them the values, moral confidence to build a better future. 

When this book is being used and taught in every school in America, we will be on a new path to continued peace and prosperity.

We have a choice.  If we continue down the path we are now taking ten years from now things are going to be even worse.  But IF we change course and do what needs to be done, we will restore the American dream that has been our guiding light for 200 years.
About the author
Author John H. Zaugg is a lifelong student of the true American ideals and values and a supporter of personal liberty for all. He lives in Denver, Colorado.
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