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Book Publishing Process Flow

A successful publication of a manuscript also relies on the author's knowledge of the book publishing process. The outlined steps explain the publication process in a detailed manner.

Sign Up Landing Page/Pub Con Contact

The publication process begins when the company gained contact with author or publisher.

Submission of Publishing Materials

The texts in the cover and interior of the book should be in MS Word.doc or Rich Text Format or RTF. Authors must also ensure that the cover and interior images of the book are submitted as hard copies or in digital format. This facilitates efficient processing of the submitted materials.

Design Process

The author receives cover and Interior proofs in this phase. Proofs serve as the preliminary versions of the author's work submitted to proofreaders, authors, and editors for review. In this phase, changes requested by the author are accommodated by the company depending on whether he/she has availed's copyediting service.

Design Previews will provide authors with the digital preview of the book. This allows the authors to have a grasp of how the book will be presented to the readers. Any changes or modifications requested by the author are accommodated. The digital preview of the book will be sent back to for such changes or modifications. will undertake any necessary revisions until the author finally approves the digital preview of the book.

Digital Preview Approved

This phase involves obtaining the approval of the author for both the electronic or physical proofs of the book. The publication process then proceeds in printing one version of the book after the author's approval was obtained.

Print Proof

One printed version of the book will be provided by the company to the author. This allows the author to review the printing quality and binding quality of the book.

Author Client Signs Approval Form

This is the phase when the author signs the approval form for the printed version of the book provided in the earlier phase. It signifies that printing and binding quality of the printed book suits the preference of the author.

Worldwide Distribution

The author's books are shipped for worldwide distribution. The books are distributed through physical channels/ retailers including bookstores. Moreover, the company also distributes these books to online channels/retailers.


The sales generated are constantly monitored by Royalties will be accordingly sent based on the sales of the author's book.

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