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Bookstore Terms & Conditions

Pricing and Payment Terms

With BookStore Terms and Conditions, Bookwhirl reserves the right to adjust the Pricing and Payment Terms at its discretion and at any time that it deems fit. Authors who have contracted the firm's services will be informed of any such changes in advance, specifically 30 days before the changes take effect.

The author, as the publisher of his own work, will be entitled to 100% royalties.

He will also be required to come up with a fixed price list for each book and e-book that he publishes through, provided that he keeps in mind and abides by the following guidelines:

1. The price should not be worth more than the book or e-book’s price in any other retailer, online store, or sales channel.
2. For e-books in particular, the price should not be worth more than its print version.

As a policy, pays authors their royalties on a quarterly basis. However, authors will only receive their royalties for a certain quarter if the amounts due to them total to the minimum amount of $50. Any unpaid amounts will accumulate until the next quarter, in which the amount due is at least $50. If the third quarter comes around, and the amount still does not total to at least $50, the payment will then be released. The payment mode for the royalties will be the specific method you choose upon your registration with’s services. However, the company may introduce some updates to the payment methods as they see fit.

Content Policy

Publishers who contract with are required to abide by the Content Policy of the company. has complete discretion when it comes to making adjustments to the said Policy at any time and in any way that it sees fit. Publishers are encouraged to keep themselves updated with regard to the said changes throughout their continued use of the company’s services.

The publisher holds absolute ownership and copyrights over his book as well as its contents. He should be thus be able to guarantee that he has not committed any kind of plagiarism or infringing violation with regards to his work and its contents, and that he has produced an original work that is completely his creation. has the right to ascertain and judge whether your book or e-book is in violation of the terms of the Content Policy, whether in its entirety or with regard to specific portions, including but not limited to your book or e-book file, cover image, product data, and other details. In addition, the publisher is obligated to keep himself aware of all local, national, and international laws concerning the publishing industry that may be relevant to the publisher and

The author/publisher should refrain from submitting work that contains any illegal, libelous, infringing, offensive, harmful or potentially harmful, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or intentionally hateful subjects, images, or discussions.

Submitting any of the following content may lead to completely removing the content in question and/or terminating your account:

• Advertisements — Content that directly or indirectly encourages the reader to buy a product other than the book or e-book.
• Copyright infringing material — Content to which the author does not have ownership or distribution rights over, and material to which he does not hold the copyright of.
• Libelous material — Content that harms the reputation of a third party individual or organization, whether explicitly or implicitly.


Upon their registration with the company’s services, the publisher also agrees to receive regular promotions and updates from through e-mail, newsletters, and telephone calls.

Bookstore Submissions

Authors who want to take advantage of the Bookstore should apply for the requisite ISBNs for their work, to make the book submission process easier.

Available Book Formats for the Bookstore

Books featured in the Bookstore can be acquired in the following formats: paperback and hardcopy (for traditionally printed books), and .pdf, .epub, and Kindle (for e-books)

Product Data

Product Data also refers to the particular description or summary of your book or e-book, and thus, such parts are also subject to our Content Policy. Only the following details are not included as Product Data.

• Hyperlinks and stating of e-mail addresses (for e-books)
• Any form of request for action
• Contact information of the author or publisher
• Advertisements and any other promotional materials reserves its right to amend the Content Policy, either in its entirety or in specific parts, at any time that they may see fit without providing notice and being free from liability.

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