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Book Publishing Turnaround Time

Overall Publishing Process

The length of time that it will take for the company to publish the author’s work largely depends on how long it takes for the author to review the galley proofs. The galley proofs refer to the preliminary version of the author’s work which is meant to be submitted to proofreaders, other authors, and editors for reviews. Aside from the length of time that it takes to review the galley proofs, the turnaround time also relies on the number of corrections that the author made in his/her work. Taking such aforementioned conditions into consideration, it is estimated that the overall publishing process will take 3 to 4 months.


The company will review the order placed by the author. It will immediately contact the author and ensure that he/she submitted the complete materials for his/her book. This guarantees that the author is ready for production. It takes two to three days for the company to review the materials submitted by the author and to decide if the author is indeed ready for production.

Initial Production

The Interior layout and cover design files are produced or created by the company within 10 days immediately after the author’s book enters production.

Production/creation of interior layout and cover design files will only proceed with the publication of the author’s work once he/she has received electronic proofs of the interior layout and cover design of his/her work. This will allow the author to review the interior layout and cover design of the book and suggest necessary modifications. The company can make the book available for sale once the author signed the Approval/Release Form. It signifies that the author no longer request for any corrections or modifications of his/her work. It takes less than 24 hours shortly after the company received the Approval/Release Form to upload the author’s book information into’s Online Bookstore. The author’s book will be immediately made available for those who are interested to purchase it. However, it would take 60 to 90 days for the book to be available to online retailers. The sooner that it takes for the author to finish his/her review and approve the electronic proofs, the sooner it will be for the author’s book to be completed and made available in the market.


Corrections of the author’s book take three to five business days. This usually depends on the number of corrections needed in his/her work. The author may incur additional fees and charges for these corrections.

Proofing Copies

A printed bound proofing copy will be immediately made available once the company received the signed Approval/Release Form. This may include one paperback copy and hardback copy. The printed, bound proofing copy will be first prioritized by the company before the author copy and additional free copies, that may be included in the package, are printed. Authors can verify the actual and final version of the book through the proofing copy.

Proofing Copies Acknowledgement

A publishing consultant of the company will then verify if the author received the proofing copies sent by the company. The publishing consultant will determine if the proofing copies pass the standards of the author. The next step involves confirming if should begin printing the Author Copies and free copies. A book order can be processed by the publishing consultant if the author wants to have additional copies of the book at a discounted rate.

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