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Book Illustration Service

There is power in pictures. It creates a reinforcement to reach readers directly than text alone. Illustrations create the author's intention, tone, and improve understanding of the text. Furthermore, illustrations also help build imagination or explain complicated ideas. Publishing offers three types of book illustration service, namely: Thinking, Presentation, and Emotive.

Illustration sample
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  • Thinking
    Covers the most basic illustration

  • Presentation
    Involves depth and dimension

  • Emotive
    It's the WOW factor. Complete with decisive details, textures, and a real 3D feel.

Illustration Button
LEVEL 1 Illustration 10 Illustrations 25 Illustrations
Thinking $119 $999 $2,499
Presentation $149 $1,299 $3,299
Emotive $299 $2,599 $6,699


  • The illustration is done electronically, through a great harmony of ideas, imagination, and superb technical skills.
  • Primarily concentrates on: characters, landscapes, scenes, and other visual elements.
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
  • Full-color or B&W
  • Book covers can also be illustrated.

Know more about the Illustration service, call us at 1 (877) 207 1679 or

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Full-Color Publishing Empower your reader's imagination through the wonderful pages of our Full-Color Publishing.
World Changer BW Your complete publishing and marketing experience at the most cost-efficient price in black and white.
World Changer Full-Color Your complete publishing and marketing experience at the most cost-efficient price in full-color.
Artist A special publishing package for children's and graphic book starters.
Wordsmith Publishing on a shoestring budget? The Wordsmith packages might just be perfect for you.
e-Publishing Revo Lite A complete e-publishing package recommended for straight narrative novels.
e-Publishing Revo Pro An advanced e-publishing package with a wide variety of options, and a fully customizable design and layout.
Copyediting Service Get a professional copy editor to make sure your manuscripts are foolproof.
Formatting & Layout Format and design books the way you want it. Your special instructions are welcome.
Book Cover Have a unique cover and make your book standout among millions.
e-Book Conversion Service We'll help you convert and find the best e-book formatting options.
e-Book Distribution Level up your e-book distribution. Reach more online retailers.
U.S. Copyright Service Protecting your books can be time consuming. We'll do all the work for you.

How It Works:

  1. Fill up the Order Form (OF) sent by our Publishing Consultant and attach the manuscript on your reply. You can also download the Order Form found on our homepage and send it to
  2. will endorse the illustration service to the artist.
  3. Illustration Process:

    a. Illustration Order received – Artist receives your illustration order from the Fulfillment officer.

    b. Character Formation – Artist makes initial character sketches (w/o color)

    c. Sketching – Artists makes initial scene sketches (w/o color)

    d. Initial Sketches forwarded – FO forwards the initial sketches to the author client

    e. Revision requests (One-time revision free) – Client requests revisions regarding the initial sketches

    f. 2nd Draft of Sketches forwarded – Artist makes a second draft and forwards it to the FO.

    g. Approval of sketches – Author client receives the second draft and approves the sketches.

    h. Colorization – Artist colors the approved sketches.

    i. Initial illustrations forwarded – Initial illustrations are forwarded by the FO

    j. Revision requests (One-time revision free) – Author client requests minor revisions regarding color

    k. 2nd Draft of illustrations forwarded – Artists makes second draft and forwards it to the FO.

    l. Final approval – author client approves the final illustrations.

  4. The author has to approve all finished illustrations.
  5. will then provide an approval form to the author that the Illustration service has been fulfilled.

Fill Out an Order Form.Click here!

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