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Book Marketing Services

Jumpstart the success of your books through’s affordable and effective book marketing services! enables authors to take full advantage of this trend by offering effective, cost-efficient online book marketing programs that will strengthen the marketing punch of your book.

Reinforce your book's marketing plan with’s online book marketing and publicity services. Marketing self published books was never this hassle-free.

Web Design Online Directory Listing Media Release Campaign Newswire
Book Review
Specialty Marketing ServicePak Book Preview
Author Publicity Service

Web Design offers every author the opportunity to own a high-quality, customized website at an affordable price, providing an efficient weapon in today’s highly-competitive book-selling landscape.

own and manage a customized website: your very own online store
• increased online visibility and presence
• 24/7 worldwide accessibility
• efficient, flexible, and interactive
• low-cost advertising
• informative and convenient
• create and maintain a personalized blog page for your readers and fans
• ideal for self-published authors who already have a substantial following, but have not yet opted for an official website

Browse though our splendid and specially designed interactive websites. We design from simple to complex web designs. Click on the thumbnail images below to view our sample websites.


Own a specially designed website. READ MORE

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Online Directory Listing

The Online Book Listing program is, by far,’s best-selling marketing service.

This cost-efficient marketing program involves posting a book ad, replete with a 25-word “ blurb” to various sites that have a high traffic rate, or a “high visitor rate”.

• ad postings on high-traffic websites
• the “online billboard” of your book
• drive traffic to your or your book’s website
• tap specific online audience
• economical advertising
• maximize online exposure
• trigger interest in your book to a wider market
• suitable/appropriate for books of general interest / universal appeal

Increase your book’s online presence. READ MORE

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Media Release Campaign

Generate major “buzz” for your book! offers every author the chance to wage an aggressive publicity campaign through–- The Media Release Campaign (MRC) program.

• tailor-made Press Release
• reach your preferred media outlets and   organizations
• for authors whose books have newsworthy   qualities
• cost-friendly advertising
detailed tracking report

Review our professional and effectively written press releases. Click on the thumbnail images below to view our sample media releases.


Boost your book’s publicity. READ MORE

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Give your books an international appeal! gives the opportunity to widen the coverage of your book’s publicity through its newest marketing tool–The Newswire Service.

• well-written Press Release
• direct consumer exposure
• journalists receive articles through news subscription
• article is archived
• widened publicity coverage
• Wire Watch Report

Raise your book's publicity to the highest level. READ MORE

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Book Review Service

We’ve partnered with the best book review companies.’s latest addition to its publicity and marketing packages! Choose between the BookWhirl Kirkus Book Review Bundle and BlueInk Book Review Bundle to pump up your book marketing and publicity campaign!

• honest and credible book reviews from the experts
• level up book publicity and marketing campaigns
• gain international appeal
• win your readers
• spark public interest

Submit your books to the world's book experts. READ MORE

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Specialty Marketing

Feature your books on magazines, produce a book trailer, print marketing creatives, or showcase your book at regional, national, or international exhibits! And now, your book can have the chance to be adapted into a film. has finally released its line-up of specialty marketing services. Advertising your book has never been this affordable.

• attract more readers
• feature your book in a prominent magazine
• experience the power of print media
• produce a book trailer like no other
• feature your books from regional to international exhibits
• boost your marketing campaign
• convert your manuscript into a best-seller movie


Launch a full-blown marketing campaign. READ MORE

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Add precision and intensity to your book marketing campaign with BookWhirl’s latest offering: ServicePak.

Gain access to an extensive and diverse selection of marketing, publicity, and advertising packages designed to achieve results and created especially for the needs of driven and ambitious authors like you.

• Build your literary reputation through credible and professional book reviews.
• Reach out to your target readers through extensive Email Advertisement Campaigns and compelling book trailers.
• Create buzz for your work through media releases and newswire services.
• Add a tangible feel to your marketing campaign through print materials like business cards, postcards, posters, and the like.

Bring the heat on. Start a powerful book marketing campaign. READ MORE

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Book Preview Program

Numerous options are just around when marketing yourself and your book. Among the many reasons why a lot of your fans and readers can turn into buyers is your way of catching their attention. Bookwhirl Publishing introduces Book Preview Program in order to allow you drive more sales by giving your readers a delightful taste of your hard work.

• Signing up for this service enables you to advertise your book not just on our online store but on different famous online bookstores and retailers.
• Making your books available on different online retailers helps your readers find your books easily.
• People who find your book easily and are able to read some enticing pages of your book can also become instant purchasers.


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Author Publicity Service

The Author Publicity Service is a series of publicity efforts that includes pursuing key media placements (interviews, book reviews, guestings etc.) for maximum audience exposure. A professional publicist will create an extensive publicity campaign to capture your target market. The goal of this service is to fuel further public awareness to boost book sales.

• Strategic Publicity Plan - Your publicist will develop an effective publicity plan that will cover all media channels for maximum exposure.
• Time- saving and cost-effective- Public Relations is a complicated and time-consuming process but with the help of a seasoned publicist, you’ll be able to simplify your plans. The role of the publicist is to organize activities in accordance to your schedule without giving you any extra burdens.
• Credibility- Having your very own publicist will guarantee a boost on your credibility. A publicist will give you the confidence you need to promote your work, as well as guide you in the process of promoting.


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