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Book Preview Program

Bookwhirl's Book Preview Program allows every author to promote his book online in the most effective way. A preview of your book is not limitedly displayed on our bookstore. Signing up for this service is giving your readers some splendid sample pages of your book on Google, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and BookDaily.

BookDaily — Sample Chapter

A sample Chapter of your book can be advertised on BookDaily's Sample Chapter platform, which allows you to provide readers a sample chapter of your book. By displaying a chapter of your book, it will work as a trailer and gather early book reviews boosting up your book's identity.

Google — Book Search and Preview

Google Books allows you to submit your books for inclusion in Google's search results. Making your books available on Google Books helps them become easier for potential readers to find. People who find the preview useful may go on to purchase the entire book. On the preview page for your book, we display a set of links to buy the book at the websites of major retailers, as well as to a site of your choice.

Amazon — Look Inside The Book (LTBP) Program

Look Inside is a program offered by Amazon that allows book lovers to search through and view pages from inside a book. With the available preview, you can guarantee satisfaction by meeting your audience's expectations.

Book Preview Program Service Levels

Google Book Preview
Google Book Preview
Google Book Preview
Amazon Look inside
Amazon Look inside
BookDaily — Chapter Sample

How It Works:

  1. Fill up the Order Form (OF) and signed Book Preview Program agreements sent by our Marketing Consultant and attach the accomplished form with a PDF version of your book on your reply. You can also download the Order Form found on our homepage and send it to
  2. For authors who published their books with the other companies, provide us a PDF version of your book and signed Book Preview Program agreements.
  3. Your book should be currently available on book retailers you wish to have a preview of your work before we can proceed.
  4. will use the information in the OF and other provided materials to create the newswire service, which is an inclusion of the Book Preview Program package.
  5. Bookwhirl production team will begin creating a preview of your book and feature it on our bookstore through Peek–A–Page Platform.
  6. Bookwhirl will submit necessary materials to the book retailer of your choice to feature a preview of your book on their website.
  7. will then provide a detailed and comprehensive Post Fulfillment Report for the author to check and evaluate the status of the campaign.

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