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Media Release Campaign

One of the most effective and efficient methods of promoting a book in the market is through the means of news publicity.

Press releases are informative and concise news articles that are sent to various media outlets to announce the release of a particular book that carry newsworthy qualities.

Targeted at the right demographic at the right time, a well-written press release can generate considerable “buzz” about your book, raising its marketability to its highest potential.

Here at, we provide authors with a customized Publicity Campaign suited to the authors’ marketing ambition and preferred media exposure.

Because of its unique, affordable, and highly effective promotional power,’s Media Release Campaign (MRC) program has become one of the most popular marketing methods among book sellers.

MRC Button

Media Release Campaign (MRC) Basic Service Levels

New Banner
Service Levels
Selling Prices
Media Release Campaign  100
$ 349.00
Media Release Campaign  500
$ 449.00
Media Release Campaign  1000
Media Release Campaign  3000
$ 1,199.00

Note: Bookwhirl will only be responsible for the distribution of Press Release on the specific number of media contacts included in the package. PR Monitoring is not included.

Starter Video: Media Release Campaign Service -
This audio-visual presentation recognizes the need for publicity and promotions to achieve success on getting the attention of prospective readers. It also enumerates how the media, through sending out well-written press releases, can help self-published authors in achieving increased awareness for their books.

How It Works:

  1. Fill up the Order Form (OF) sent by our Marketing Consultant and attach the accomplished form on your reply. You can also download the Order Form found on our homepage and send it to
  2. will use the information that you have provided in the OF to create a press release article and come up with an appropriate list of media organizations (print, radio, television, etc.).
  3. Both press release article and list of media organizations will be sent to the author and is subject for his or her approval.

    * Once the author has approved the article and the media list, further corrections will no longer be entertained.

  4. will not commence the fulfillment of the Media Release Campaign unless the author is fully satisfied with the article and the list of media organizations
  5. will then provide a detailed and comprehensive Post Fulfillment Report for the author to check and evaluate the status of the campaign.

Fill Out an Order Form. Click here

Download Order Form
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