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Online Directory Listing

The Online Directory Listing (ODL) program is, by far, is’s best-selling marketing service.

This cost-efficient marketing program involves posting a book ad, consisting of a thumbnail book cover, book details, and a 25-word “blurb”, to free online directories that have high traffic rates, or “high visitor rates”. These book ad postings are linked to the product website or online retailer, depending on the product seller’s preference.

Automatically, the marketing reach of a particular book grows proportionally to the number of websites that feature the advertisement or “listing”. The more websites the book is advertised on, the bigger its marketing net becomes –- resulting into a more powerful marketing campaign.

Yet perhaps the most impressive dimension of the Online Directory Listing program is its ability to drive traffic into a book or author website, making it possibly the most powerful marketing campaign within its price range.

ODL button

Online Directory Listing (ODL) Service Levels

New Banner
Service Levels
Selling Price
Online Directory Listing  200
Online Directory Listing  500
Online Directory Listing  1000
Online Directory Listing  2000

Starter Video: Online Directory Listing Service -
This audio-visual presentation enumerates how the Online Directory Listing can work as a powerful reinforcement tool in doing book marketing campaigns. The service may not work as a stand alone, but it can efficiently increase awareness among the general readers.

How It Works:

  1. Fill up the Order Form (OF) sent by our Marketing Consultant and attach the accomplished form on your reply. You can also download the Order Form found on our homepage and send it to
  2. will use the information that you have provided in the OF to create your blurb (25-word description of your book)
  3. The created blurb will then be sent to the author and is subject for his or her approval.

    * Once the author has approved the blurb, further corrections will no longer be entertained.

  4. will not commence the fulfillment of the Online Directory Listing unless the author is fully satisfied with the blurb.
  5. will then provide a detailed and comprehensive Post Fulfillment Report for the author to check and evaluate the status of the campaign.

Fill Out an Order Form. Click here

Download Order Form
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