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Advertising ServicePak

What can advertising do for an ambitious author like you? For one, it can help you reach your target audience all at one time; it can be particularly effective especially when it is directed towards those that can appreciate your book the most.

If you have crafted a literary masterpiece that you feel can impact the market, you can let your potential readers know about it through the right advertising approach. This Advertising package offers the tools you would need to introduce your book to the rest of the world.

Exercise the power of the World Wide Web through a website or a book trailer. Expand your reach with an Email Advertisement Campaign and ad space in the premier literary publication, ForeWord Magazine. Finally, add juice to your campaign with print materials like business cards, postcards, posters, and the like.

Service Levels, Features & Rates

Standard - $1,699
Web Design Lite
MRC 1000
Book Trailer - 30 sec. w/o VO

Deluxe - $4,199
Web Design Avante
MRC 2000
Book Trailer - 60 sec.
Print Materials - 100 business cards, 100 bookmarks, 100 postcards, 5 posters

Premier - $6,699
Web Design Professional
MRC 3000
Book Trailer - 60 sec. w/o VO
ForeWord Magazine - 1/3 page ad
Print Materials - 250 business cards, 250 bookmarks, 250 postcards, 10 posters

Set your book apart from the rest of the pack when you use the right approach through the Advertising Campaign ServicePak.

How It Works:

  1. If you want to sign up for any of the Advertising Campaign ServicePak packages, contact our Publishing and Marketing team through our email address: or give us a ring at our numbers: 1 (877) 207 1679 or 1 (800) 852 4249 (fax).
  2. Our Publishing Post-Fulfillment Officer will facilitate your order and will get in touch with the production department for its accomplishment.
  3. A status report will be made and submitted to you upon the completion of the process.

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